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Michigan Engineering Resources

Training Modules

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Basic Surveying
Grassed Waterways/Diversions
Grade Stabilization Structures

Concrete Construction
Concrete Inspection
Optional Cold Weather Concrete Plan
A contractors guide to Superplasticizers
Adjusting Slump in the Field
Air Entrainment and Concrete
Cold Weather Concreting
Curing Concrete Slabs
Do Driveways Right the First Time
Hot Weather Concreting Tips
Mid-Range Water Reducers
Much Ado About Shrinkage
The True Window of Finishability

Agrichemical Containment Facilities
Agrichemical Containment Facility
Agrichemical Containment Facility Presentation (1.8MB)
Agrichemical Containment Facility Presentation PowerPoint (3.38MB)
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NRCS-Michigan Construction Specifications

Operation and Maintenance Plans for Michigan Engineering Practices

National Engineering Manual

Michigan Amendments

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Index of Michigan Amendments
Part MI501 - Authorizations
Part MI503 - Safety
Part MI505 - Non-NRCS Engineering Services
Part MI512 - Construction
Part MI523 - Irrigation
Part MI540 - Field Surveys
Part MI544 - Equipment

Michigan Engineering Practice Documentation Requirements
Michigan Engineering Forms

These documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel

Engineering Job Approval Authority (Form MI-ENG-3) March 2015
Well Isolation Distance Worksheet for Waste Storage Facilities
Well Isolation Distance Worksheet (fillable PDF)
Log of Test Holes for Subsurface Investigations
Log of Test Pits for Subsurface Investigations