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NRCS-Michigan Construction Specifications

The specifications are a part of the construction drawings. The work shall be performed in accordance with the drawings and specifications unless otherwise approved, in writing, by the inspector. For items of work requiring inspection and/or approval, it is the responsibility of the contractor or builder to keep the local servicing office informed on the status of the work so that timely inspection may be provided. Work performed without the inspector being provided the opportunity for inspection may not be accepted.

These documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word

Spec. # Date Title
MI-100 11-10 List of Specifications
MI-102 1-08 Diversion
MI-108 1-08 Grassed Waterway
MI-114 1-08 Subsurface Drainage Systems
MI-118  1-08 Surface Drainage Ditch
MI-122 1-08 Dugout Pond
MI-130 10-12 Well
MI-150 1-08 Site Preparation
MI-151 1-08 Structure Removal
MI-152 1-08 Excavation
MI-154 11-05 Earthfill
MI-156 1-08 Corrugated Metal Pipe Conduit Installation
MI-157 1-08 Concrete Pipe
MI-158 3-16 Reinforced Concrete
MI-159 10-08 Plain Concrete
MI-160 1-08 Reinforced Concrete Block
MI-161 4-09 Modular Concrete Block
MI-162 1-08 Salvaging and Spreading Topsoil
MI-163 1-08 Spreading Topsoil
MI-164 1-08 Loose Rock Riprap
MI-165 10-08 Geotextiles
MI-166 1-08 Seeding
MI-167 1-08 Mulch Netting
MI-168 1-08 Sodding
MI-169 1-08 Wire Mesh Gabions and Mattresses
MI-170 1-08 Fences
MI-172 1-08 Metal Fabrication and Installation
MI-174 1-08 Timber Fabrication and Installation
MI-180 11-10 Pipeline
MI-181 6-02 Water and Sediment Control Basin
MI-182 11-10 Plastic (PVC, PE) Pipe
MI-183 6-02 Bentonite Sealant
MI-184 3-05 Flexible Membrane Liners