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Conservation Reserve Program

The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) is administered by the Farm Service Agency (FSA) with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) providing technical assistance through conservation planning.  Program information about CRP can be found on the FSA website.

Program Sheets

Michigan has developed the following Program Sheets for CRP conservation practices.

Conservation Reserve Program Continuous Conservation Reserve Program
State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE) Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program


Conservation Reserve Program

Mid-Contract Management (for CRP, CCRP, CREP & SAFE)
CRP Emergency Haying and Grazing
CRP-CP1 Introduced Grass and Legumes *
CRP-CP2 Native Grass Planting *
CRP-CP3 General Tree Planting *
CRP-CP3A  Hardwood Tree Planting *
CRP-CP4B  Wildlife Habitat Corridors *
CRP-CP4D  Wildlife Habitat *
CRP-CP12  Wildlife Food Plot
CRP-CP25  Rare and Declining Habitat (Prairie)
CRP-CP25  Rare and Declining Habitat (Savanna)
CRP-CP25  Rare and Declining Habitat (Lake Plain Wet Prairie)
CRP-CP42 Native Pollinator Habitat
CRP Supplemental Tree Planting
CRP Re-Enrolled Tree Planting
CRP Supplemental Grass Planting
CRP Re-Enrolled Grass Planting
Managed Grazing and Haying
Managed Haying Statement
Managed Harvesting and Routine Grazing
Tree Openings (for CRP-CP3 & CRP-CP11)
Cover Maintenance and Management

* Also eligible for Continuous CRP in Wellhead Protection areas

State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE)

SAFE Eligible Wildflowers List
SAFE CP-12 Wildlife Food Plot
SAFE CP-38E Pollinator Habitat Planting
SAFE CP-38E Diverse Grassland Planting

Continuous CRP Conservation Practices

CCRP-CP5A Field Windbreak
CCRP-CP8A Grassed Waterways
CCRP-CP9 Shallow Areas for Wildlife
CCRP-CP16A Shelterbelts
CCRP-CP17A Living Snow Fences
CCRP-CP21 Filter Strip
CCRP-CP22 Riparian Forest Buffer
CCRP-CP23 Wetland Restoration
CCRP-CP23A Wetland Restoration - Non-Floodplain
CCRP-CP27&28 Farmable Wetland Program
CCRP-CP29 Marginal Pastureland Wildlife Habitat Buffer
CCRP-CP30 Marginal Pastureland Wetland Buffer
CCRP-CP31 Bottomland Timber Establishment on Wetlands
CCRP-CP33 Habitat Buffers for Upland Birds
CCRP-CP39 Constructed Wetland
CCRP-CP40 Aquaculture Wetland Restoration

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)

CREP-CP1 Introduced Grass and Legumes
CREP-CP2 Native Grass Planting
CREP-CP5A Field Windbreak
CREP-CP21 Filter Strip
CREP-CP22 Riparian Forest Buffer
CREP-CP23 Wetland Restoration Floodplain
CREP-CP23A Wetland Restoration Non-Floodplain
CREP-CP26 Sediment Retention Control Structure
CREP Eligible Wildflower List


To apply for CRP, CCRP or CREP, contact your local USDA Service Center. 
Michigan Field Office Directory

For general questions about CRP contact the Michigan NRCS CRP Coordinator.

Brian Thomas, CRP Coordinator
Phone:  517-324-5259