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Conserving Farmland and Marsh Habitat in Maine

Conserving Farmland and Marsh Habitat in MaineProposed NRCS Investment: $1,440,000

Lead Partner: Maine Farmland Trust

Number of Initial Partners: 5

Participating States: Maine (Lead State)

Counties: York, Cumberland, Lincoln, Knox, Kennebec, Waldo, Hancock, and Washington


Farms are often the largest remaining blocks of undeveloped land in coastal communities, and they often contain significant wildlife habitat in addition to their agriculture conservation values. Development pressure in these coastal communities is the highest in the state, and farmland and marsh habitat are disappearing rapidly.

The project focuses on the protection of Maine farms that contain high value marsh habitat by preventing, eliminating or reducing stressors that degrade this habitat. Partners will seek to protect agricultural resources and habitat for fish and wildlife through easements, and they will work with producers to identify resource concerns and the conservation practices that could be implemented to support the health of marsh habitat.