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Maine Mountain Collaboration for Fish and Wildlife

Maine's Mount Blue is visible from a logging road on the lower slopes of Mount Abraham in Franklin County. Description/Summary

This is a project to improve inadequate fish and wildlife habitat, and biodiversity in the mountains of western Maine. This nationally significant forested mountain corridor along the spine of the Appalachians is recognized for its importance in climate adaptation. The project will be regional in scope but will pilot the approach in a smaller, priority geography, with plans to replicate successes across the landscape in the future.

This is an area of extraordinary ecological significance particularly for species targeted by the RCPP Project partners through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and the Healthy Forest Reserve Program (HFRP).

RCPP Project Area map (pdf)

The project reflects an extraordinary partnership among several organizations and involves:

  • Purchasing conservation easements and developing 10-year restoration agreements through HFRP.
  • Enhancing conditions for upstream passage of aquatic organisms on surrounding lands through EQIP.
  • Providing opportunities for landowners to obtain professionally developed forest management plans that include a wildlife management component through EQIP.

These activities all complement and build on one another. Several innovations are proposed:

  • Through HFRP, leveraging $2.6 million of U.S. Department of Defense Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) offsite link image funding.
  • Through EQIP, implementing the latest techniques for improving upstream passage for aquatic organisms and including wildlife habitat creation and management prescriptions in forest management plans on private non-industrial forest land.


HFRP Opportunities

10-year restoration plan application and ranking information - FY20

HFRP Payment Schedule

Batching period deadlines for HFRP 10-year restoration agreement applications:

  • Batching period 1 cutoff on FEBRUARY 21, 2020
  • Batching period 2 cutoff on MAY 15, 2020

EQIP Opportunities

NEW: The Forest Management Plan - Conservation Activity Plan (FMPCAP) application batching period deadline for FY 2020 funding consideration is August 16, 2019.

The batching period deadline for Aquatic Organism Passage (aka Fish Passage) applications to be considered for funding in FY 2019 was February 15, 2019.

FY19 Application Evaluation and Ranking Tool

National NRCS website link for access to the 2019 Maine RCPP-EQIP payment schedule

National NRCS website link for access to the 2018 Maine RCPP-FMP payment schedule

FMP CAP Eligible Practices and Target Resource Concerns

FMP CAP Application Screening Worksheet

AOP Eligible Practices and Target Resource Concerns

Forest Management Plans for My Maine Woods: An Overview for Landowners


PLEASE NOTE: There may be more than one payment schedule developed for each of the NRCS-Maine Financial Assistance programs for particular funding pools.  Multiple payment schedules are incorporated into a single payment schedule document for the program.  You can identify the particular payment schedule you are interested in by the label in the lower left corner of each page.


The Trust for Public Land (Lead)
Maine Audubon
The Wilderness Society
American Forest Foundation
New England Forest Foundation
The Nature Conservancy
Forest Society of Maine





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