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Maine State Technical Committee Meeting Minutes - Fiscal Year 2010


The following documents require  Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Excel (.xls)



February 11, 2010 (.pdf) Statewide Forest Resource Assessments and Strategies - Donald Mansius, Maine Forest Service (power point presentation in .pdf format)
  Renewing and Revising State Conservation Priority (.pdf)
Memo Regarding Per Acre Maintenance Rate for Continuous Signup Practices (.pdf)
Water Quality Areas CRP-18 Signup (Aroostook County, Maine) (.pdf)
CPA Water Quality Map (.pdf)
CPA Atlantic Salmon Critical Habitat and Occupied Watersheds Map (.pdf)
CPA Upland Sandpiper and other At-Risk Bird Species Map (.pdf)
Title 7: Agriculture - Wetland Reserve Program (.pdf)
Maine NRCS Wetland Reserve Program State Ranking Factors Worksheet (.pdf)
Wetland Enhancement Practice Standard (.pdf)
Wetland Restoration Practice Standard (.pdf)
Wetland Restoration Specifications Guide Sheet (.pdf)
Easement Programs Market Survey and Geographic Area Rate Cap Documentation (.pdf)
Farm Bill 2008 - Wetlands Reserve Program At-A-Glance (.pdf)
Seasonal High Tunnels for Food and Other Specialty Crop Production (.pdf)
High Tunnel Field Day (.pdf)
Irrigation Water Conveyance/Aluminum Tubing Pipe (Code 430AA) (.pdf)
Atmospheric Resource Quality Management - Animal Feeding Operations (Code 370) (.pdf)
Seasonal High Tunnel for Crops (Code 798) (.pdf)
Environmental Enhancement - Recycle 100% of Farm Lubricants (Code EEM41) (.pdf)
Agrichemical Handling Facility (Code 309) (.pdf)
Recreation Land Grading and Shaping (Code 566) (.pdf)
Pond Sealing or Lining (Codes 521A, 521B, 521C) (.pdf)
October 26, 2009 (.pdf) What is the USDA Local Working Group? (.pdf)
  USDA Local Working Group Membership Form (.pdf)
What is the State Technical Committee?  (.pdf)
State Technical Committee Member List  
State Technical Committee Membership Form (.pdf)
EQIP Sign-Up and Ranking Requirements (.pdf)
Delivery of other NRCS Financial Assistance Conservation Programs (AMA, WHIP, WRP)  (.pdf)
CAP - Irrigation Water Management Plan - Irrigation Statewide Ranking Tool (.pdf)
Application Ranking Summary - Maine Water Use/Water Conservation (.pdf)
Application Ranking Summary - EQIP General Financial Assistance (.pdf)
Draft EQIP Standard/Statewide Payment Schedule (.xls)
Draft 2010 EQIP Conservation Activity Plan Payment Schedule (.xls)
Draft 2010 EQIP Organic Standard/Statewide Payment Schedule (.xls)
Draft 2010 EQIP Irrigation Payment Schedule (.xls)
RUSLE2 Erosion Calculation Record (.pdf)
FSA Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) Questions and Answers (.pdf)
FSA Fact Sheet - BCAP-CHST Matching Payments Program (.pdf)
FSA Notice BCAP-2 (.pdf)
FSA BCAP-CHST Eligible Materials List (.pdf)
FSA County Offices (.pdf)
FSA BCAP Conversion Facilities Map (.pdf)