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                                                                                                            December 18, 2009

Subject: TCH – Section III of eFOTG

Purpose. To announce the revision of the Conservation Activity Plan (CAP) – Forest Management Plan (FMP) Criteria Practice/Activity Code (106) (No.).

Expiration Date. October 1, 2010

Background. In cooperation with our forestry partners, we have coordinated a mutual standard for FMPs in Maine. We have agreed to revise the CAP – FMP Criteria Code (106) to align with Maine Forest Service (MFS) WoodsWISE inventory standards and develop sample documents that are needed for both the MFS WoodWISE Addendum and the CAP-FMP. CAP-FMP will still not need to include all the contiguous acres and will require an electronic and hard copy of the plan for our records.

Explanation. This bulletin transmits the following documents:

  1. A revision of the CAP-FMP Criteria Code (106) to align with the resource inventory methods in the MFS WoodsWISE Plan and Addendum.
  2. A sample of the CAP-FMP/Addendum Cover Page combines the required cover page with the TSP Progress Report and Certification Form; the TSPs do not need to complete both.
  3. A sample of the CAP-FMP NRCS Record of Decisions should be used as the translation document. The schedule table is set up like a toolkit practice schedule screen, but not like a printed copy of a Conservation Plan.
  4. A table of forestry and wildlife toolkit narratives is used with the CAP-FMP Record of Decision so TSPs can efficiently use NRCS narratives that align with practice payment scenarios.

The above mentioned documents will be located in eFOTG in a new folder titled, “Forest Management Plan Criteria Activity Code 106” under Section III – E. Conservation Activity Plans Technical Criteria.

Please archive the previous version of Forest Management Plan Criteria Activity Code (106), dated May 2009.

Contact. Sally Butler, Forester, at 207-778-4767, Ext. 106 or email

/s/ Juan C. Hernandez

State Conservationist