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October 7, 2009

SUBJECT: LTP – Non-Industrial Private Forestlands (NIPF) in the Conservation Stewardship Program    

Purpose: To provide policy and guidance for enrolling NIPF into the CSP.

Expiration Date: September 30, 2010

For the purpose of enrolling NIPF into the CSP, the following size limitations will be adhered to:

The minimum area for classification as forest land will be equal to or greater than 10 acres. All other NIPF criteria, as defined, must be met.

Forest openings and incidental areas of non-forestland cover (e.g. wetlands, gravel pits, or rock outcrops) within the forest are eligible for inclusion in the NIPF acreage provided that any one opening does not exceed 2 acres in size. (Example: a 100 acre wood lot is submitted for enrollment into CSP. Within the boundaries of this tract of land there is a 2.5 acre gravel pit, a 2.5 acre non-forested wetland and a 1 acre rock outcrop. The areas that exceed 2 acres may not be included in the enrollment. Therefore the eligible area for enrollment into CSP is 95 acres.)

NIPF Definition: NIPF is a land cover/use category that is at least 10 percent stocked by single-stemmed woody species of any size that will be at least 4 meters and 13 feet tall at maturity. Also included is land bearing evidence of natural regeneration of tree cover (cut over forest or abandoned farmland) and not currently developed for non-forest use. Ten percent stocked, when viewed from a vertical direction, equates to an aerial canopy cover of leaves and branches of 25 percent or greater.

If you have any questions, please contact Bill Yamartino, ASTC for Programs at 207-990-9553 or Susan Arrants, Resource Conservationists at 207-990-9564.

/s/ William Yamartino, Acting

State Conservationist