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                                                                                      August 6, 2010

Subject: General Manual 120 Part 406 – Office Supply and Equipment Procurement

Purpose. To provide Maine NRCS, US Bank procurement card holders with clarification on purchase authorization outlined in Maine Bulletin 120-10-1.

Expiration Date. September 30, 2011

Background. Maine Bulletin 120-10-1 provided guidance on the use of the US Bank procurement credit card. There has been confusion on what Field Office level card holders are authorized to purchase and what should be requested through the State Office procurement contact.

Explanation. Field and RC&D Office level card holders are authorized to purchase general office supplies and other Field and RC&D Office needs, such as postage or grade stakes as required. Purchases are limited to amounts up to the card holder’s set spending cap allowance. Orders for general office supplies and needs that total more than the card holder’s spending cap allowance will require approval by the card holder’s direct supervisor or a new AD700s spending cap may be requested. Supervisors must submit all AD700s to Financial Management for certification of fund availability before approving the request.

Equipment or supply purchases for items that are not considered “general office supplies”, such as furniture, clinometers, etc. that require supervisor’s approval prior to purchases. These items will not impact purchase card allowances.

Equipment and supply needs that would quickly exhaust the purchase card allowance, such as ink cartridges and other high ticket items, will be requisitioned via an AD700s through the Maine NRCS State Office. AD700s should be submitted to the card holders immediate supervisor for approval. Supervisors will forward approved AD700s to Roger Ashe at the Maine NRCS State Office for processing.

Roger Ashe will process NRCS equipment (copier) maintenance agreement invoices. These invoices must be date stamped and initialed by the District Conservationist to indicate concurrence, and submit to Roger Ashe for payment within one week of receiving the invoice.

Contact. Brian Vigue, State Administrative Officer at 207-990-9567 or email

/s/ Pauline J. Pare, Acting for

State Conservationist