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Federal Women's Program

The Federal Women's Program is designed to educate, support, advise and guide on issues relating to women.

The Mission 

Collectively work to increase professional opportunities, overcome barriers, build camaraderie and connect proactive efforts to the agency's responsibility to enhance employment and advancement of women.

Special Observances

March Is Women’s History Month. 

What are the duties of the Federal Women's Program Manager for Maine?

According to Executive Order 11478:  

  • Ensure our agency institutes, plans, and takes affirmative steps to provide equal opportunity to women applicants and employees in all areas of employment (recruitment, hiring, training, promotions, and awards).
  • Provide a means for women to communicate their concerns to management.

Other duties include:  

  • Keep superiors informed of sensitive, controversial, emerging issues and recommend appropriate action.
  • Provide cultural information as well as dispel myths and stereotypes within the agency.
  • Develop quarterly reports and annual plans of operations for the State Conservationist and regional/national Federal Women Program Managers.
  • Serve as a member of the Civil Rights Advisory Committee.
  • Provide educational materials for employee concerns and issues dealing with Equal Employment Opportunity.
  • Promote workforce issues of special concern to women and suggest ways to address those concerns.

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