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Design Guide 1 Drawings

Drawings for Design Guide #1

Roof Runoff Structure (Roof Gutter Design Method)

To assist in the design of engineering practices, the following standard drawings and details are approved for your use in Maryland. All technical resources are available to the general public, and while all have been examined for technical adequacy the responsibility for proper application remains with the user. Before using any of the standard drawings or details, the designer should verify that the standard is adaptable to the site and that the design limitations are not exceeded.  All standard details and drawings must be part of a specific site design that is reviewed and approved by an individual with the appropriate approval authority.

The following documents require AutoCad or Adobe Acrobat.

Drawing Number Drawing Description DWG PDF
558-A Detail of leader pipe and downspout with underground outlet (DWG; 158 KB) (PDF; 299 KB) DWG PDF
558-B Detail of leader pipe and downspout with splash pad (DWG; 158 KB) (PDF; 263 KB) DWG PDF
558-C 6" half round PVC gutter hanger (DWG; 40 KB) (PDF; 260 KB) DWG PDF
558-D 6" half round PVC gutter (DWG; 69 KB) (PDF; 485 KB) DWG PDF
558-E 8" half round PVC gutter (DWG; 165 KB) (PDF; 503 KB) DWG PDF
558-F 8" half round PVC gutter hanger (DWG; 154 KB) (PDF; 250 KB) DWG PDF



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