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News Release

NRCS Partners in Maryland Receive $150,000 for Conservation Innovations

ANNAPOLIS, Md., August 13, 2018 – Two Maryland organizations have been selected to receive a combined $150,000 through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) state Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG). The projects support water quality and soil health innovations.

“These grants will help spur creativity and problem-solving on Maryland’s farms,” said Terron Hillsman, NRCS state conservationist in Maryland. “The projects continue Maryland’s commitment to improving soil health and water quality in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.”

CIG grants awarded are as follows:

ShoreRivers, Inc. will assess the potential conservation and agronomic impacts of tile risers and dense pattern tile on sediment and nutrient loss from farms on Maryland’s eastern shore.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation will work with farmers to evaluate the impacts of innovative soil amendment mixtures, including fluvic and humic acid, hydrolyzed fish, lime, and molasses, on the soil microbiome and short-term soil health.

NRCS administers CIG as part of the Environmental Quality Incentives Program. NRCS uses CIG to invest in innovative conservation technologies and approaches with the goal of wide-scale adoption to address a wide range of natural resource issues.

NRCS has provided leadership in a partnership effort to help America's private landowners and managers conserve their soil, water and other natural resources since 1935. For more information on NRCS, visit