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Wetland Reserve Program


Easement Program Funding Expiration - Update

The Agricultural Act of 2014 establishes the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP).

It repeals FRPP, GRP, and WRP but does not affect the validity or terms of any FRPP, GRP, or WRP contract, agreement or easement entered into prior to the date of enactment on February 7, 2014 or any associated payments required to be made in connection with an existing FRPP, GRP, or WRP contract, agreement or easement.  

For more information on ACEP, please visit the ACEP web page.


The Eel River Headwaters Preserve before the WRP wetland restoration work began.
A WRP sign at Edgewood Bog.

Applications are accepted year-round, but are ranked and funded periodically. Contact your local NRCS office to apply.

The Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) is a voluntary program that provides technical and financial assistance to private landowners to restore, protect and enhance wetlands in exchange for retiring eligible land from agriculture.

With WRP landowners can:

  • receive compensation for conservation easements and/or wetland restoration
  • eliminate the difficulties of farming wet marginal land
  • provide water quality improvements, wildlife habitat and more

NRCS will provide compensation for part of the cost of establishing and maintaining conservation practices that enhance and improve wildlife habitat and restoring natural ecosystems.

Two examples of Massachusetts WRP projects include restoring retired cranberry bogs to wetlands at the Eel River Headwaters Preserve and Edgewood Bogs in Pembroke.

The following document requires Acrobat Reader.

Download A Landowner's Guide to the Wetlands Reserve Program (Massachusetts) [PDF]

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