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How the EQIP Organic Initiative Works

EQIP Organic provides payments and technical assistance to install conservation practices that address priority NRCS natural resource concerns.

All applications are evaluated in a competitive ranking process to determine which projects best address NRCS's priority resource concerns. The applications that rank the highest are most likely to receive funding.

Applicants to this special initiative will only compete for funding with other organic applicants, reducing the amount of competition for funds. This year's ranking criteria is available on the application materials & documents page.

NRCS's primary natural resource concern categories for EQIP Organic include:

  • Soil condition

  • Soil erosion

  • Domestic animals

  • Plant condition

  • Water quality

  • Fish and wildlife

Application deadlines:

Applications can be filed at anytime throughout the year, but cutoff dates are established for batch ranking when funding is available.