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Agricultural Management Assistance (2008 Farm Bill)

The following information pertains to the Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) program under the 2008 Farm Bill. Click here for information on AMA under the 2014 Farm Bill.


Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) provides financial assistance to agricultural producers to voluntarily address issues such as water management, water quality, and erosion control by incorporating conservation into their farming operations.

In Massachusetts, financial assistance is available to producers for drought mitigation. Program participants may develop or improve sources of irrigation water supply, construct new or reorganize irrigation delivery systems on existing cropland to mitigate the risk of drought. Incentive payments are available to encourage producers to adopt irrigation water management.

Farmers can sign-up any time for AMA. Complete applications are periodically ranked for current funding.

For more information, contact your local NRCS office or USDA Service Center, listed in the telephone book under U.S. Department of Agriculture, or on the web at Additional information about NRCS programs in Massachusetts can be found at

AMA, administered by NRCS, is a voluntary conservation program available in states where participation in the Federal Crop Insurance Program is historically low. Massachusetts is one of 15 states that will receive AMA funding.


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