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Conservation Districts

Conservation Districts - The Conservation Partnership

Collectively, the Massachusetts conservation districts and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service are known as the Conservation Partnership. A conservation district is a subdivision of local government, established under state law to carry out programs for the conservation and wise management of soil, water and related resources. There are fourteen conservation districts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Each district is governed by a board of supervisors--locally elected citizens who volunteer their time and leadership to the conservation effort. Conservation district supervisors work hand-in-hand with NRCS to deliver technical assistance to the people of Massachusetts.  NRCS provides technical services while the districts provide representation from the local community and the leadership to set priorities for conservation activities and develop new programs.

To contact a conservation district, click on the map or the table to view the district's address and phone number.

Map of Massachusetts counties

Massachusetts Association of Conservation Districts

National Association of Conservation Districts