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Plant Materials Program

Plant Materials Program

Staff Contact:
Morris Houck, Plant Materials Specialist
Phone: (318) 473-7761
Scott D. Edwards, State Resource Conservationist
Phone: (318) 473-7774
Fax: (318) 473-7616

The purpose of the program is to provide native plants and plant related technology that can help solve natural resource problems. Beneficial uses for which plant material may be developed include coastal shoreline and dune stabilization, biomass production, carbon sequestration, erosion reduction, wetland restoration, water quality improvement, streambank and riparian area protection, and other special conservation treatment needs. Scientists at the Plant Materials Centers seek out plants that show promise for meeting an identified conservation need and test their performance. After multiple years of testing, plant selections are released to the private sector for commercial production. The work at 27 plant materials centers nationwide is carried out cooperatively with state and Federal agencies, commercial businesses, and seed and nursery associations.

Three plant materials centers (Golden Meadow, East Texas, and Jamie L. Whitten) provide assistance to the state of Louisiana. Each center serves an area within the state of Louisiana that represents unique land resource areas.

To learn more about the Plant Materials Program nationwide, visit the National Plant Materials Program Website.

Plant Materials Centers

Click on the map above to access information on the Plant Materials Centers serving Louisiana.
Map of Plant Materials Centers Serving Louisiana


Plant Materials Policy, Procedures, Tools and Aids

Plant Materials Resources in eFOTG

Louisiana PMC Publications

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat.

Golden Meadow PMC Winter 2012 (PDF; 543 KB)

Golden Meadow PMC Fall 2011 (PDF; 716 KB)

Golden Meadow PMC Summer 2011 (PDF; 331 KB)

Golden Meadow PMC Spring 2011 (PDF; 389 KB)

Other Helpful Links

Image of weltand restoration efforts

Current Status of Coastal Wetland Plants Research and Restoration Efforts

The following proceedings are from the November 14, 2008 Symposium on Current Status of Coastal Wetland Plants Research and Restoration Efforts. Coastal wetland disappearance has been a major issue in Louisiana for more than a decade. Efforts are underway to develop superior and highly adaptive native coastal plants, seed-based technologies for large-scale restoration, and innovative engineering revegetation techniques. These plant-based products and revegetation technologies are being developed by several laboratories and could be tailored into current construction engineering to develop more successful coastal wetland loss remediation. The magnitude of Louisiana coastal marsh loss is unprecedented and occurs at the estimated rates of 65-91 km2 annually, representing 80% of the entire coastal wetland loss in the United States. For the complete proceedings please follow the link below.


The following documents require Adobe Acrobat.
Complete Proceedings from the Symposium on Current Status of Coastal Wetland Plants Research and Restoration Efforts