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Rapid Watershed Assessment

Rapid Watershed Assessment (RWA)

Staff Contact:

Dexter Sapp, Soil Conservationist
Phone:(318) 473-7688

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is encouraging the development of rapid watershed assessments in order to increase the speed and efficiency generating information to guide conservation implementation, as well as the speed and efficiency of putting it into the hands of local decision makers.

Rapid watershed assessments provide initial estimates of where conservation investments would best address the concerns of landowners, conservation districts, and other community organizations and stakeholders. These assessments help land-owners and local leaders set priorities and determine the best actions to achieve their goals.

These assessments are conducted by watershed planning teams traveling through each watershed, meeting with landowners and conservation groups, inventorying agricultural areas, identifying conservation opportunities and current levels of resource management, and estimating impacts of these opportunities on the local priority resource concerns.

Rapid Watershed Assessments in Louisiana

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat.

Click on any watershed on the map below to access information on each RWA in PDF format.

 Upper Saline RWA (PDF; 6.97 MB)Lower Saline RWA (PDF; 2.68 MB)Lake Natchez RWA (PDF; 3.04 MB)Cane Bayou RWA (PDF; 2.74 MB)Lower Mermentau (PDF; 3.05 MB)Lower Mermentau (PDF; 3.05 MB)Map of Rapid Watershed Assessments in Louisiana