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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Watershed Projects in Louisiana

Through the 2009 Recovery Act the following Projects received funding

Profile: Bayou Duralde-Lower Nezpique Watershed

Parishes Effected: Acadia, Evangeline, & Jefferson Davis Parish, LA
Funds approved through Recovery Act: $1,270,000

Within the 159,000 acre watershed 33,300 acres of critically eroding cropland will be treated by installing 1,451 grade stabilization structures, 60 filter strips, 32 miles of irrigation pipeline, and 21,250 acres of irrigation land leveling in the three parishes of the watershed. 86 miles of road ditches and 135 miles of drainage canals are impacted by soil deposition in the watershed.

Residents of Acadia, Evangeline, and Jefferson Davis, will enjoy expanded primary and secondary recreational opportunities on the 200 acres of lakes and bayous in the project area.

  • Nearly 45,450 tons of soil will be saved from offsite deposition which will improve water quality for 135 miles of drainage canals and 200 acres of lakes.
  • 36,600 acre/feet of water will be saved annually which equates to a 19% reduction in the demand for groundwater
  • Improved wildlife habitat on 14,800 acres of bottomland hardwoods
  • 15,000 acres will receive 54% less soil deposition and retain its function and values for a longer time period.
  • Average annual benefits: $181,800.

Partnerships: Acadia Parish Police Jury, Evangeline Parish Police Jury, Jefferson Davis Parish Police Jury, Bayou Nezpique Gravity Drainage District, Acadia Soil and Water Conservation District, Gulf Coast Soil and Water Conservation District, Evangeline Soil and Water Conservation District, and Bayou Des Cannes-Nezpique Gravity Drainage District.

To date, in the three parish watershed area, 21 long-term contracts have been written. Of the $1,000,000.00 in appropriated funds, $428,464.77 has been earned on 14 of the 21 contracts.



Image of Soil Erosion
Soil Erosion, Gully Erosion with vegetation

Watershed Project Previously Funded Within the Watershed

Image of Water Control Structure Image of Underground Irrigation Image of land leveling
Water Control Structure Underground Irrigation Land Leveling

Project Profile: Red Bayou Watershed-Caddo Parish, LA

Funds approved through the Recovery Act: $3,200,000

This project will reduce soil erosion and sedimentation; improve water quality in Red Bayou and its tributaries; improve fish and wildlife habitat, and increase efficiency of existing irrigation systems. The project consists of the installation of a pump and pipeline to convey water from the Red River to Red Bayou and installing 25 grade stabilization structures, 30 filter strips, 40,000 linear feet of irrigation water conveyance (pipeline), 7,500 acres of irrigation land leveling, and the replacement of 3 undersized culverts in Red Bayou.

  • Estimated 40 farms with an average size of 350 acres directly or indirectly benefited in the watershed
  • Using groundwater is not an option available to producers. Existing wells in the project area do not have a high enough yield to supply furrow or center pivot irrigation systems. The only dependable source of surface water for irrigation needs is the Red River. Implementation of this project will allow for the use of an alternative source of water thus relieving the pressure on the aquifers in the project area.
  • Irrigation water pumped into Red Bayou will greatly improve habitat for fish and aquatic species.
  • Project will increase the economic benefit to the area as a result of increased profits to landowners by providing a dependable supply of irrigation water to sustain crop production
  • Project will demonstrate the feasibility of using water from the Red River for irrigation which will have a significant positive impact for constituents along the entire Red River valley.
  • Reduction of 6,200 tons per year of sediment delivered to streams.
  • Estimated average annual benefits: $106,200.

Partnerships: Caddo Soil and Water Conservation District, North Caddo Irrigation District, Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry



Image of Gully and Soil Erosion Picture of over irrigation leading to servere reduction in water supply Soil erosion and loss in a field
Gully and Soil Erosion Over Irrigation leading to severe reduction in water supply Soil erosion