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Trailblazer RC&D

Trailblazer RC&D

Trailblazer RC&D, officially authorized in 1996 and incorporated in 1989, serves eight parishes in north central Louisiana. Trailblazer RC&D is a locally sponsored and directed organization. The purpose of Trailblazer RC&D is to improve the quality of life in the local communities of the RC&D area. Trailblazer RC&D is governed by volunteers who establish priorities. Local leadership and innovative thinking are highly encouraged. Projects are carefully selected with emphasis on those that are good for the communities and projects that are not being addressed by other groups. Trailblazer RC&D priorities are:

  • Agriculture
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Environment
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Networking
  • Natural Resources
  • Technologies
  • Tourism
  • Recycling

Trailblazer RC&D
302 Reynolds Drive
Ruston, Louisiana 71270
Phone: 318-255-3554
Fax: 318-251-9199

Trailblazer RC&D Website