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News Release

USDA/NRCS Encourages Partners and Entities to apply for Watershed Protection Funds in 2022

Amy Robertson, State Public Affairs Officer

Alexandria, LA. January 13, 2022 – USDA/ Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is encouraging local sponsors to submit watershed project requests for funding through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. NRCS offers several programs to help communities improve land and water resources within watersheds as well as relieve imminent hazards to life and property created by a natural disaster.

Programs include the Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations Program (WFPO), Watershed Rehabilitation Program (REHAB) and Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP).

Funding is available for new projects, as well as those already submitted to NRCS. NRCS will give additional consideration to projects in historically underserved communities that directly benefit limited resource areas or socially disadvantaged communities. NRCS will continue to review as funding is available.

Eligible project sponsors include state government entities, local municipalities, conservation districts, and federally recognized tribal organizations. Sponsors are encouraged to reach out to their state’s NRCS Watershed Program Manager with watershed concerns as soon as possible to ensure their project request is in the funding queue for consideration.

For additional information about emergency watershed programs contact your local USDA/NRCS field office for more information. For a listing of offices visit


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