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Civil Rights Advisory Committee Mission


Special Emphasis Periods

  • Black History Month                         February
  • Woman's History Month                    March
  • Asian/Pacific Islander Month             May
  • Hispanic Heritage Month                   September 15 - October 15
  • Disability Employment Awareness     October
  • Veterans Observance Month             November
  • Native American Heritage Month       November
  • Special emphasis activities and support are an integral part of the civil rights program at the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Within their respective programs, special emphasis program managers assist the State Conservationist, to ensure that equal opportunity is present in all aspects of NRCS programs and services. This includes assisting the State Conservationist to provide leadership to identify under representation and ensure positive actions are being taken to address any such problem areas. Special emphasis program managers assist the State Conservationist to provide advice and assistance to management officials in order to help them meet civil rights program goals and objectives. They also assist the State Conservationist to ensure effective communications among all persons and areas dealing with, or affected by, agency civil rights responsibilities.


The Kentucky NRCS Civil Rights Advisory Committee will ensure that all employees are aware of and benefit from Civil Rights/EEO policies.

The Goal of the Civil Rights Advisory Committee is to remove the perception/myth that Civil Rights is only a minority issue, by using open and honest communication at all levels.