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Hughes Brothers Farms- 2013 Kentucky No-Till Award Recipients

The Kentucky Conservation Partnership recognizes Jerry and Guy Hughes as 2013 No-Till Hero award recipients.  This award honors distinguished efforts to improve soil quality through the adoption of no-till agriculture.  Thank you for your determination to improve the environmental outcomes on your farm and your outstanding commitment to protect our natural resources.

The Hughes brothers, Jerry and Guy Hughes, farm a little over 2,000 acres in Logan and Simpson counties in Kentucky. This is a grain operation with the primary crops being corn, wheat and soybeans.  Both the corn (1000+ acres) and soybeans (1000 acres double cropped) have been no-tilled for over 20 years and the wheat (1000 acres double cropped) has been no-tilled for around 15 years.  The Hughes brothers do not have any tillage equipment.  They have been following a “never till” approach for some years.  They have also moved away from anhydrous application and only use liquid nitrogen with little to no soil disturbance. 

Hughes Brothers in fieldThe Hughes brothers began no-till farming to reduce soil erosion. They both recall a field that was heavily disked some 20 plus years ago that received a heavy rainfall.  After witnessing the amount of soil erosion that occurred, they both agreed that they needed to start farming differently.  This led them to their “never till” philosophy. They do not own a sub-soiler or any of the new vertical tillage tools and have no plans to purchase them in the future. 

Hughes Brothers with equipmentBoth Guy and Jerry are very active in their community and serve on various boards.  Guy was an officer on the Western Kentucky No-till board and served as an active member.  They have served on the Farm Bureau board, local telephone cooperative, Southern States board, FSA committees, Beef Cattle Association and are very active with their church.  Both are still very active on many of these boards and quietly serve without looking for recognition.