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Young Marshall County Woman Loves Working the Land

Jordan Harris, 20, comes from a large farming family in Marshall County and is determined to make growing flowers and vegetables into a profitable career.  On her family’s farm, they have row crops, tobacco, beef cattle and produce.

Jordan was approved for EQIP funding to build a seasonal high tunnel in 2015. The high tunnel was completed last month, and Harris is already preparing it for tomatoes this spring.  In addition to tomatoes, she has a second greenhouse dedicated to hanging baskets and patio pots that will be ready for the spring flower sale.  She’s also growing strawberries this spring.

Last year, with help from her father, Jordan grew watermelons and sweet corn. When she is not busy with her own endeavors, she helps out the rest of the family with the day to day farm work.

And if that’s not enough to keep her busy, Jordan also breeds Welsh Corgi puppies – something she began at the age of 12. Jordan used the money from the sale of the dogs to purchase her first truck.

Although she doesn’t really have an off season, Jordan finds the time to travel to a number of foreign countries to perform mission work – teaching school, teaching bible classes, helping the local people to put out a garden, etc.  So far, her mission work has taken her to Haiti, Nicaragua, and Kenya.  Through these experiences, she has developed a whole new perspective and appreciation for the land and a responsibility to take care of it.