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NRCS Kentucky Supports KSU Event

The NRCS Kentucky was on hand to support and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Kentucky State University’s (KSU) Third Thursday Thing held at the Harold R. Benson Research and Demonstration Farm in Frankfort, Kentucky on July 20, 2017.

The KSU Third Thursday Thing is a sustainable agricultural workshop targeting small farmers, beginning farmers and agricultural professionals including KSU and University of Kentucky (UK) researchers; cooperative extension specialists; agent and small farm assistance; U.S. Department of Agriculture agencies, i.e., NRCS, Farm Services Agency (FSA) and Rural Development (RD); state agencies like the Department of Agriculture; non-profits such as the Community Farm Alliance; and the Kentucky Women in Agriculture. Meetings are conducted monthly at the Benson Demonstration Farm and different topics are selected from alternative enterprises.

THE KSU Communication Department was actively recording every aspect of the 20th anniversary event. They digitally recording the speakers, demonstrations, visitors, and on-site interviews at all of the booths on display.  NRCS Kentucky State Soil Scientist Steve Blanford, spoke on behalf of the NRCS. He was asked about how we support KSU and the Third Thursday Thing, grant assistance and other topics.

Blanford is familiar with KSU’s work. He also serves as a guest lecturer at KSU and talks about soil health. After the interview the KSU Communications Department reporter told Blanford that “he nailed it!” 

NRCS Kentucky will continue to support KSU and other learning institutions as part of its ongoing outreach effort to enlighten students, faculty, agricultural producers, the media and general public on the value and necessity to get the most out of the land and sustain its productivity and use for generations.


Blandford  KSU TV interview.jpg

Steve Blanford, NRCS Kentucky Soil Scientist, hs an interview with KSU TV.