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Rapid Watershed Assessment | Data Collection

Rapid Watershed Assessment - Data Collection

For NRCS Field Office Personnel

NRCS field offices should download the following data collection forms to begin collecting and analyzing resource conditions in their county and 8-digit Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC-8).

Note: Support data for the Needs Assessment inventory will be transmitted electronically to each field office.

The following documents require Microsoft Excel or Acrobat Reader.

Watershed Resources, Rapid Watershed Assessment - Field Office Instructions (PDF; 23 KB)
Kansas Resource Concerns Inventory (XLS; 34 KB)
Guide to Estimating the Adoption of Conservation Systems (XLS; 105 KB)
Procedure to Measure Social Capital (XLS; 23 KB)
Estimated Conservation Application (XLS; 21 KB)
Needs Assessment (XLS; 17 KB)