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MO5 Soil Technical Note-16

Central Great Plains MLRA Region 5
MO5 Soil Technical Note-16

March 19, 2009

Subject: SOI – Clarification of Textural Class Boundaries

Purpose. To provide the Central Great Plains Major Land Resource Area (MLRA) Office Region 5 (MO5) with a poster paper presented by the National Soil Survey Center (NSSC) regarding soil texture class boundaries

Attached is a poster on the subject of clarification of soil texture class boundaries. As defined in the Soil Survey Manual (SSM), some soil texture classes have overlapping boundaries. For example, clay loam is defined as 27 to 40 percent clay and more than 20 to 46 percent sand, while a clay texture is 40 percent or more clay, 45 percent or less sand, and less than 40 percent silt. Both classes have clay of 40 percent as a class limit.

This poster presents the refined definitions presented by the NSSC. The soil texture calculator is also available in an interactive version, as a NSSC job aid, online at


State Soil Scientist/MO Leader

DIST: SS (MO5), MO Leaders – TX – CO – ND – MN – AR

The following document requires Acrobat Reader.

Attachment (PDF; 152 KB)