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2008 EQIP Eligible Practices

2008 Kansas EQIP Eligible Conservation Practices and Program Payment Schedule

Eligible Conservation Practices

Eligible practices were chosen to address the priority natural resource concerns with consideration for other natural resource concerns.  As a result, multiple natural resource concerns will be treated with EQIP funds.

All practices and components receiving EQIP financial assistance, unless otherwise stated, must:

  • Be maintained for the lifespan of the practice, as defined in the Conservation Programs Manual;
  • Comply with NRCS electronic Field Office Technical Guide standards and specifications;
  • Comply with all federal, state, and local regulations; and
  • Be included in the EQIP contract.

All practices must meet the requirements of the resource concern criteria and the Conservation Programs Manual to be eligible for payment.

Incentive payments may be provided for a period of adoption identified in the schedule of operations. Incentive payments are to encourage producers to carry out management practices they may not otherwise implement without incentive.

  • An EQIP program participant may earn up to $50,000 in total EQIP incentive payments for each ranking category (i.e. Water Quality, Soil Condition, Forestland Health, etc.). Incentive payments shall not exceed $50,000 per participant for any one ranking category, regardless of the number of contracts that participant is a party to.
  • No contract shall include incentive payment totaling more than $50,000 regardless of the number of participants on that contract.
  • These items are not applicable to applications for conversion from irrigated to non-irrigated land under Water Quantity and Water Quantity-Quick Response Areas.

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat.

Forestland Health Eligible Conservation Practices (PDF; 13 KB)
Grazing Lands Health Eligible Conservation Practices (PDF; 23 KB)
Soil Condition Eligible Conservation Practices (PDF; 53 KB)
Water Quality/Livestock Waste Eligible Conservation Practices (PDF; 44 KB)
Water Quantity Eligible Conservation Practices (PDF; 32 KB)
Water Quantity-Quick Response Areas Eligible Conservation Practices (PDF; 20 KB)

Practice Payment Schedule

New for Fiscal Year 2008 is the implementation of a practice payment schedule. A payment rate per unit is identified for each practice activity. Payment rates have been set by the State Conservationist based upon recommendations from the Kansas Technical Committee.

In all cases, a participant can not be reimbursed more than 100 percent of the actual cost.

The following document requires Adobe Acrobat.

Kansas EQIP Practice Payment Schedule - Fiscal Year 2008 (PDF; 262 KB) Updated 1/11/2008
Kansas EQIP Practice Payment Schedule - 2008 Midwest Flood Repair (PDF; 147 KB)