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FY 2012 Cooperative Conservation Partnership Initiative

2012 CCPI Program Information

Producer Sign-up Information

Application Information

The assistance provided through the CCPI agreement enables farmers and ranchers to install conservation practices to address priority natural resource concerns. These concerns will be addressed through the EQIP, where approved producers will treat the CCPI concern with an EQIP contract.

Application forms are available at your local USDA Service Center.

NRCS has established an application evaluation period cutoff date of April 6, 2012 for FY 2012 CCPI related applications. Applications must be received at the USDA Service Center by close of business that day to be considered for FY 2012 CCPI funds.

Eligible Partners

Federally recognized Indian Tribes, State and local units of government, producer associations, farmer cooperatives, institutions of higher education, and nongovernmental organizations with a history of working cooperatively with producers are eligible partners. Individual producers are not eligible to submit a partner proposal.


Owners and operators of agricultural and nonindustrial private forest lands are eligible to apply for program benefits offered through CCPI. In order for a producer to be considered for financial assistance through a CCPI partner agreement, the land associated with a program application must be located within an approved CCPI project area. Only producers who are eligible for EQIP, WHIP or CSP may receive financial assistance through these programs. When announced and available, refer to Fact Sheets and visit the NRCS program website for information how and when to apply to the EQIP, WHIP and CSP programs. For more detail regarding eligibility and application requirements contact your local NRCS field office.