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Individual Application Process

Steps for an Individual Applying for Conservation Programs with NRCS

Individual—any individual who controls the enrolled land and uses their personal social security number (SSN) to apply for conservation program assistance.

  1. Applicant indicates interest in a conservation program by signing appropriate program Application form.
  2. Applicant establishes a customer record in the Service Center Information Management System (SCIMS). This will require the applicant set up an appointment with the Farm Service Agency (FSA) to complete record and necessary applicant eligibility information.
  3. Applicant completes forms* to determine eligibility for USDA programs:
    • AD-1026 Highly Erodible Land Conservation and Wetland Conservation Certification
    • CCC-902I Farm Operating Plan for Payment Eligibility Review
    • Payment Eligibility Average Adjusted Gross Income (AGI): Fiscal Year 2013 program participants are subject to compliance with average Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) limitations (AGI limitation definition; a person or entity is not eligible if the three-year average AGI exceeds $1 million with less than 66.66% derived from farming or forestry resources).

      *The process of establishing applicant eligibility may take several weeks. Some forms may need to be updated annually. You must maintain eligibility status throughout the life of the conservation program contract in order to receive program benefits.

Failure to provide the required information may cause your application to be considered “ineligible” for the program year.

If your application is not considered for funding in the year you apply, your application may be considered in future years based on funding and meeting the requirements outlined above.