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Habitat Buffers for Bobwhite Quail | Continuous Conservation Reserve Progra

Habitat Buffers for Bobwhite Quail

Photo of bobwhite quail in flight

For the first time, Kansas producers can enroll habitat buffers around cropland into the Continuous Conservation Reserve Program (CCRP) to benefit bobwhite quail and other upland bird species. The purpose of this practice is to reverse the long-term decline of quail and other upland bird populations by providing needed nesting and brood-rearing habitat adjacent to cropland. These important components of quail habitat have declined due to improved grazing and cropping practices — the elimination of weedy field borders, abandoned farmsteads, and small disturbed areas.

Buffers must be enrolled around the outside edges of cropland fields and must meet basic eligibility and cropping history criteria for Conservation Reserve Program. Buffers must be an average of 30 to 120 feet wide and planted to a mixture of native warm season grasses with legumes, wildflowers, or forbs. A limited amount of shrubs may be planted (no more than ten percent of the buffer area). Cropland acres remaining in the field must be greater than enrolled buffer acres. Buffers may not be used for turn rows, roads, or the storage of crops or equipment.

Continuous CRP Sign-up: Producers Benefits

  • Payments
    • Sign-up bonus
    • Annual rental payment
    • 90% cost share for cover establishment
  • Improved Quail Numbers
    • Recreational hunting
    • Fee hunting
    • Wildlife viewing
  • Management
    • Low production areas along trees
    • No more fighting branches/fallen trees
    • Square up hard-to-farm fields
  • Open Enrollment
    • Enroll anytime
Photo of buffers


Participating Organizations

  • USDA - Farm Service Agency
  • USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Local Conservation District

Contact your local USDA Service Center for information about enrollment of this practice.

This information is also available for download and requires Acrobat Reader.

Habitat Buffers for Bobwhite Quail Brochure (PDF; 192 KB)