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Soil Does More Than Get You Dirty - Integration Ideas

Integration Ideas

Physical Education

Guiding Question: What is erosion? What will prevent erosion?
Objective: Develop locomotor skills (walking, running, skipping, leaping, sliding, and hopping); and explore nonlocomotor movements (bend/stretch, swing/sway, twist/turn, shake/bounce, push/pull/lift).
Materials: None
Source: Project L.I.F.E., 1981, Washington State Conservation Commission, p. 28.

The activity can be adapted to erosion concepts. Children could pretend to be soil in blowing wind; or to be soil washing away during a rain. Some students could be designated as plants. Any soil close to them (other students) would not move around like soil without plants. (Use your imagination on this and let the kids have fun!)

Language Arts

Guiding Question: What is soil?
Objective: Engage in writing and develop process writing skills, and develop/broaden vocabulary.
Materials: Balloons, paper, pencils
Source: Debbie West classroom teacher, Kellogg Science Magnet, Wichita, Kansas

Select various words from the science lessons to be used as spelling/vocabulary words, such as worm, rock, soil, etc. Print the word on a balloon and hang in various parts of the room. Incorporate those words into sentences for writing practice. ("I saw a worm in the soil." "Rocks are in soil.")