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Kansas Civil Rights Advisory Committee (CRAC)


Equity for People and Programs.


Ensure compliance with Agency policies for conservation and equal opportunity programs, and accountability for the delivery of quality and timely services to our customers.

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Kansas CRAC - Fiscal Year 2017
Name Title Telephone
Clifford Thornton Chairperson (620) 343-7276
William Lavergne Asian American/Pacific Islander Special Emphasis Program Manager (SEPM) (620) 326-2269
Joyce Wade American Indian/Alaska Native SEPM (620) 244-3491
Brodie Poe Federal Women's SEPM (785) 852-4213
Adria Smith Black SEPM (785) 672-4861
Jennifer Jarvis Disability/Veterans SEPM (620) 663-3501
Jasmine Wilson Hispanic SEPM (620) 792-5329
Keith Williams Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender SEPM (620) 669-8161
Justin Kneisel Member (316) 321-5803
Alex Miller Member (620) 343-2812
Anna Baker Member (785) 336-2164
Nathanael Williams Member (620) 672-7449

The CRAC meets quarterly. Meeting dates are on the Calendar of Events. Meetings are open to all NRCS employees with supervisor approval.

Minutes of CRAC meetings

Calendar of Events

Showcase Articles

Kansas Civil Rights Achievement Award

The Kansas Civil Rights Achievement Award is designed to honor an individual and a group for outstanding achievements in the planning and execution of Civil Rights activities within the Natural Resources Conservation Service agency and the community.

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