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ATV - Theft Prevention

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) - Theft Prevention Reminder

ATVs are proving to be very efficient field tools for KansasNRCS employees. Using ATVs for field checks, instead of walking or driving vehicles, has many time saving and safety advantages.

With the recent theft of an ATV in Kansas, employees should make time to review theft prevention actions associated with the storage of ATVs. ATVs are expensive equipment and are an enticement to the criminally-minded. Never create the impression that the equipment is an easy target. Simple security measures will deter even the most ambitious criminals.

ATVs should be stored in a locked storage shed or building whenever possible and always secured with a padlock in the bed of the pickup with a security bar, cable or chain when not in use. If a shed or building is not available, back the pickup against a building or utility pole so the tailgate cannot be opened.

It is the responsibility of every Kansas NRCS employee to participate in the prevention of loss of equipment due to theft. Diligence in this endeavor will ensure continued availability and usage of all equipment.

ATV operators are encouraged to periodically review the ATV safety article located at