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Section 6—Mandatory Posters/Information to be Displayed

The table below is the Mandatory Posters/Information to be Displayed on service center bulletin boards. The most recent revisions are noted in bold text to easily identify changes.

Some of the posters are required for public display and others are only required for in-house display. If a service center has limited space available in the public area for posters, those posters requiring in-house display could be posted in the break room or other shared space. If all three agencies require a specific item/poster to be displayed (i.e. And Justice For All), it is only necessary to display one poster.

In addition to those posters/information identified in the table below there may be other documents (administrative, personnel, safety, etc.) that agency State Offices have instructed to be posted on the bulletin boards, such as:

  • vacancy announcements
  • missing child notice program posters
  • any ethics information required to be posted
  • Thrift Savings Plan
  • special emphasis program month observances
  • workforce diversity
  • soil rental rates
  • loan rates

Service centers are responsible for assuring all required and current information is posted.

List of Mandatory Posters/Information to be Displayed


Required by




Active Shooter Awareness (display one poster)   IH  
AD-475A, And Justice for All Poster (dated 9/2019) P P P
AD-475C, And Justice for All Poster (for recipients of federal financial assistance) (dated 9/2019)   P P
AD-1010, Occupational Safety and Health Protection for USDA Employees     IH
AD-1085, Sexual Harassment Poster (dated 9/03) P P IH
AD-1135A, Workplace Violence Poster (dated 3/99) P   IH
AD-1181, Equal Employment is THE LAW (Revised 9/03) IH IH  
AD-1191, National Appeals Division Face to Face Fairness (Pamphlet dated 5/05)     P
AD-1191S, National Appeals Division Face to Face Fairness - Spanish (Pamphlet dated 5/05)     P
AD-1192, National Appeals Division Face to Face Fairness (dated 5/05)     P
AD-1192S, National Appeals Division Face to Face Fairness - Spanish (dated 5/05)     P
Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy Statement (dated 6/6/2016)   P  
Civil Rights Division Equal Employment Opportunity (FPAC-BC, dated 4/15/20) IH IH  
Code of Ethics Poster     IH
DR 4200-001, Workplace Violence Prevention (04/17/2013) P    
E-File Poster (Poster MP-1587, dated 7/22/03) P   P
Emergency Response Plan for the Service Center IH IH IH
Employee Assistance Program, Federal Occupational Health IH IH IH
EAP Serves You Flyer     IH
Equal Employment Opportunity is THE LAW (EEOC-P/E-1) (revised 11/09)     P
Equal Employment Opportunity is THE LAW (EEOC-P/E-1), Spanish (revised 11/09) and Supplement     P
Equal Housing Opportunity (HUD 928.1, dated 08/11)     P
Equal Housing Opportunity - Spanish (HUD 928.1, dated 2/03)     P
Firearms Prohibited (7/06) P P P
FSA-152, Foreign Investor Poster (3/21/96) P    
FSA Special Emphasis Program Manager IH    
Interpretation Available for LEP Customers   P P
Kansas NRCS Civil Rights Committee (dated 10/21)   IH  
MD-715 P    
Missing Child Notices (in GSA-leased buildings only) P    
Notice-18 U.S.C. Section 930(a)(b)-Possession of Firearms and Dangerous Weapons in Federal Facilities (KS Bulletin 120-0-5, dated 5/2/00)   P  
Notice to Customers Making Payment by Check     P
NRCS Civil Rights Policy Statement (dated 1/26/2015)   P  
NRCS Limited English Proficiency Policy (LEP) Statement (6/30/2014)   P  

Office of Special Counsel Bundle (PDF; 399 KB)

  • Hatch Act, Permitted and Prohibited Activities for Most Federal Employees (9/2017)
  • Prohibited Personnel Practices
  • Whistleblowing (1/2018)
  • Whistleblower Retaliation (1/2018)
OSHA-3165, Job Safety and Health - It's the law! (dated 2/2012) IH IH  
Occupational Safety and Health Protection for Employees of the NRCS   IH  
RD-EEO Counseling Program (RD Item #431)     IH
Receipt for Service (June 2016) P P P
Rules and Regulations Governing Conduct on Federal Property (dated 11/05) P P P

The Vision/Mission Statements of NRCS and RD




USDA Anti-Harassment Policy Statement (dated 4/29/2021)   P  
USDA Civil Rights Policy Statement, Secretary Thomas Vilsack (dated 4/9/2021) P P IH
USDA Hotline Poster (dated 9/2017) P P P
USDA Non-Discrimination Statement   P  
USDA Scientific Integrity Policy   P  
WH-1321, Employee Rights Under the Davis-Bacon Act for Laborers and Mechanics Employed on Federal or Federally Assisted Construction Projects (Rev. 4/09) English/Spanish     P
In GSA-leased Buildings
Missing Child Notices

P = Public display. Place in foyer area, reception area.
IH = In-house display. Place in break room, conference room, or area out of public view.

Last Modified: March 2022