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Container Seedling Sales

Fall Container Seedling Sales Still Strong Despite Weather
Now Is the Time for Spring Seedling Orders

By Mark Haller, Conservation Specialist
Kansas Forest Service, Manhattan, Kansas

Surviving yet another hot and dry summer, Kansas Forest Service (KFS) fall container seedling sales continued to stay strong for the Fall Conservation Tree Planting Program. Marking our eighth season, we received 370 orders, which resulted in approximately 19,500 seedlings being sold.

Species Available

Offering one shrub, six evergreen species, and six deciduous species, we have seen an increase in sales regarding the deciduous species due to riparian plantings. The species we offered included: Austrian pine, Bur oak, Colorado blue spruce, Eastern redcedar, English oak, Fragrant sumac, Pecan, Pinyon pine, Ponderosa pine, Redbud, Southwestern white pine, Sawtooth oak, and Swamp white oak. As always, we offered our non-plant items to compliment tree planting such as protective tubes and flags. Leading the way for the most sold species, Eastern redcedar comprised 39 percent of the seedling sales. The rest of the evergreens accounted for over 22 percent of the sales and the deciduous just under 39 percent.

Trees Planted Across the State

Among the 75 counties where the seedlings were planted, Sedgwick County accounted for the most seedlings planted with 1925, followed by Sumner with 1025, Johnson with 925, and Ford with 725. For the many different conservation purposes that these seedlings were planted, windbreaks at 67 percent continue to be the planting type most ordered. Riparian and wildlife plantings continue to be a popular use of the seedlings and others include Christmas trees and wood lots.

The Word Gets Out

Continuing to ask our customers how they hear about the Conservation Tree Planting Program helps to get a feel for who our customers are. This fall our seedling sales accounted for 73 percent previous customers, 11 percent government agencies, and 12 percent friend or neighbor or relative in the word-of-mouth category. The rest of the choices only made up 4 percent.

Miss the Fall Order, Spring Sales Continue through May 1

Fall continues to be a popular time for conservation tree seedling planting. If you missed the opportunity to purchase seedlings this fall and are interested in planting specifically during the fall months, the Conservation Tree Planting Program will be offering plants again next fall starting in early September through mid-October. If you would like to plant trees or shrubs in the spring, you can take advantage of spring sales that will begin in December and continue through the first Monday in May. Although seedlings will not be available until about the second week in March, ordering early can guarantee the specific species you would like to purchase. To learn more about ordering trees, contact KFS at 1-888-740-8733 or click on the Web site at