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Conservation Agronomy - Conservation Cropping Systems (CCSI)

The Indiana Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative (CCSI) promotes a systematic approach to production agriculture focusing on:

  • Quality No-till
  • Adapted Nutrient Management
  • Prescribed Cover Crops
  • Diverse Conservation Crop Rotations
  • Integrated Pest and Weed Management
  • Precision Technologies

This will result in improved soil quality, water quality, and profitability on Indiana cropland.

CPA Conservation Cropping System Planning

Cover Crops Management

Organic Farming Resources

Soil Quality--Improving How Your Soil Works

Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation - Version 2 (RUSLE2)

Tillage Equipment Identification Guide

No-Till Planter PictureThe purpose of this guide is to help you identify commonly used tillage equipment.  The color photos and drawings will help facilitate communication by providing common definitions and RUSLE2 terminology with NRCS and out clients.
The Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation - Version 2 (RUSLE2) was developed primarily to guide conservation planning, inventory erosion rates and estimate sediment delivery.  Values computed by RUSLE2 are supported by accepted scientific knowledge and technical judgment, are consistent with sound principles of conservation planning, and result in good conservation plans.  This guide was developed by Iowa NRCS personnel.  The guide will be downloaded from the Iowa FTP web site.  Please note this file is 7.53 MB in size.

The following publication will require Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Power Point 


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