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Grazing and Forages

Indiana Grazing Picture

The Natural Resources Conservation Service promotes prescribed grazing and improved forage management by providing technical assistance to private landowners.

Grazing Lands Worksheets - Tools

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Prescribed Grazing - Pasture/Hayland/Livestock Inventory Worksheet (DOC, 219 KB)

Indiana Pasture Management Stick - Instructions (DOC, 25 KB)

Growth Curves for Selected Forage Species (XLS, 27 KB)

Pasture Condition Score Sheet (XLS, 76 KB)

Grazing Bites Newsletter - News and Notes for Indiana Grazers

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October 2012 (PDF; 173 KB)      

November 2012 (PDF; 174 KB)   

December 2012 (PDF; 147 KB)  

January 2013 (PDF; 562 KB)

February 2013 (PDF; 549 KB)

March 2013 (PDF; 166 KB)

Grazing 102 Event Information

April 2013 (DOC; 523 KB)

Grazing Publications

Management-Intensive Grazing In Indiana

Management-Intensive Grazing in Indiana Guide

"Welcome to management-intensive grazing.  This manual will help improve your understanding of basic grazing concepts.  The information here should be applicable to any Hoosier grazier of any livestock species."

Management-Intensive Grazing in Indiana (PDF, 2.36 MB)

Extending Grazing and Reducing Stored Feed Needs

"Extending the grazing season and filling gaps in pasture forage availability to reduce stored feed needs can help improve the environment, lessen the impact of weather, provide quality forage for better animal performance, and reduce labor and expenses.  This publication outlines strategies that can be used in some or many areas to extend grazing and reduce stored feed needs, thus increasing profit."

Extending Grazing and Reducing Stored Feed Needs publication (PDF; 3.66 MB)

Grazing Articles of Interest

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Beef Management Practices for Coping with a Short Forage Supply (PDF; 162 KB)

Nitrate Analysis is Important for Drought-stressed Corn Plants Destined for Forage

Does Cow Size Matter (DOC; 618 KB)

A Closer Look at High Density Short Duration Grazing (DOC; 3 MB)

Best Management Practices for Droughty Pasture (DOC; 34 KB)

Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative

Indiana GLCI Logo
The USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI) is a nationwide collaborative process of individuals and organizations working together to maintain and improve the management, productivity, and health of the nation's privately owned grazing land.

For more information, visit the GLCI Home Site.


Additional Information

For more information about Grazing and Forages, please visit the Purdue University site

Purdue University - Forage Information

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