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Indiana Drought Initiative

Most of Indiana experienced record drought in 2012 which caused major damage to the natural resource base and impacted all types of agriculture production. The focus of the 2012 Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program Drought initiative was to provide more immediate relief for water shortages and to protect the grazing resource base by deferring grazing from pastures.

Indiana NRCS will offer assistance through the 2013 EQIP Drought Recovery Initiative to those counties most affected by the drought through with practices that contribute to soil health. Building soil health capacity is the key to recovering from the drought as it improves water infiltration through the soil profile and improves soil moisture retention to be able to provide water to plants during future dry periods.

Indiana Drought Initiative Job Sheets

  • 2014 Drought Recovery Practice Information - Coming Soon!
  • 2014 Drought Recovery Ranking Sheet - Coming Soon!
  • 2014  Drought Recovery Initiative Eligible Counties - Coming Soon!

National NRCS Drought Assistance

For more information about drought assistance, please visit the National NRCS Drought Assistance page at:

Contact Information

For more information about Indiana NRCS' Drought Initiative, please contact your local NRCS office or Adam Heichelbech, EQIP/WHIP Program Specialist.