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Edge of Field Monitoring

The edge of field monitoring project is an effort to help farmers improve and/or verify the effectiveness of agricultural conservation practices and systems on their farm field. Edge of field monitoring equipment will be installed to evauate the quality of water draining from farms. Funding is provided for both monitoring system installation and also collecting and evaluating the data.

Why Participate?

NRCS is committed to demonstrating that voluntary conservation efforts by farmers are valuable to everyone.

We believe this collaboration with producers will demonstrate the effectiveness of system-wide conservation approaches and their positive effects on water quality.

The project will provide much needed data that shows the quantifiable effects of conservation practices on water quality.

We expect the data will help farmers adapt their management to both increase productivity and water quality

Who Can Participate?

Farm fields located in the following 12-digit watersheds have been approved for potential edge of field monitoring project.

Watershed Location Map (PDF; 721 KB)

Watershed Name and County

  • Bachelor Creek - Paw Paw Creek (Miami, Wabash)
  • Bear Creek (Jennings, Bartholomew, Decatur)
  • Beargrass Creek (Wabash)
  • Bolley Ditch (Wabash, Fulton, Miami)
  • Brush Creek (Bartholomew)
  • Eagle Creek Reservoir - Eagle Creek (Boone, Hendricks, Marion)
  • Fish Creek - Sand Creek (Jennings)
  • Flowers Creek - Eel River (Miami)
  • Little Weesau Creek - Weesau Creek (Miami)
  • Matson Ditch (DeKalb)
  • Millstone Creek - Sand Creek (Jennings, Decatur)
  • Oren Ditch - Paw Paw Creek (Miami, Wabash)
  • Otter Creek - Clifty Creek (Bartholomew)
  • Otter Creek - Eel River (Kosciusko, Wabash)
  • Plunge Creek - Eel River (Kosciusko, Wabash, Whitley)
  • Rock Creek - Sand Creek (Jennings, Bartholomew, Jackson)
  • Sharp Ditch - Paw Paw Creek (Wabash)
  • Silver Creek (Kosciusko, Wabash, Fulton, Miami)
  • Squirrel Creek (Wabash, Fulton, Miami)
  • Washonis Creek - Eel River (Miami)
  • Wyaloosing Creek (Jennings, Decatur)

Sign Up Period

No signup periods have been announced at this time.

Contact Information

For program information, please contact your local district conservationist at the nearest USDA Service Center.

If you encounter problems with documents on this page, contact Adam Heichelbech.