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Clarification on Funding Options for Damaged Conservation Practices

Below are general guidelines to clarify program eligibility for damaged conservation practices.  For specific questions on eligibility, please check with your local USDA Service Center (hot link to

  • Damaged practices installed under Natural Resources Conservation Service program contracts (such as WHIP or EQIP) are eligible for funding under that program as long as the practice is within its design lifespan and has been maintained. 

  • Damaged practices installed under active Farm Service Agency Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) contracts are eligible for funding under CRP at 50%, while damaged practices installed under expired CRP contracts are eligible for the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP)* at 75%. 

  • Damaged practices that are past their design lifespan, installed under any program, are eligible for ECP* at 75%. 

  • Damaged practices that were not installed under any government program are eligible for ECP* at 75%.

  • Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) easement and restoration agreements are eligible for repair work under WRP. 

For information on the Emergency Conservation Program, visit Farm Service Agency's Emergency Conservation Program webpage.