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News Release

USDA Soil Survey Office Proposed to Close in Plymouth, Indiana

News Release - Indiana

United States Department of Agriculture
Natural Resources Conservation Service

6013 Lakeside Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN  46278

Indianapolis, In., February 3, 2012-On January 9, 2012 Department of Agriculture Secretary Vilsack announced the potential closing of 259 USDA Offices around the country.  Eleven offices are listed for closure in Indiana.  On the list was the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Soil Survey project office located in Plymouth. The Soil Survey Project office is co-located with the NRCS field office, which will remain open. 

Hardisty says, “The proposed closing of the Soil Survey Project office will in no way impact the NRCS field office located in Marshall County or our agency’s services to the farmers and landowners in the area.” 

Soil Survey Project offices are part of the National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS)-- a nationwide partnership of Federal, regional, State, and local agencies and institutions working together to cooperatively investigate, inventory, document, classify, and interpret soils and to disseminate, publish, and promote the use of information about the soils of the United States and its trust territories.  The work of the Plymouth Soil Survey office will be integrated into other soil survey offices.

According to Hardisty, “The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is responsible for the leadership of soil survey activities for USDA, the coordination of NCSS activities, and for the extension of soil survey technology to global applications.”  Hardisty goes on to say soil surveys are used here in Indiana every day by farmers, realtors, land use planners, engineer, developers, teachers, and others who want current information about the soil resource.

A soil survey project office is responsible for managing the project soil survey updates and ensuring the quality of the collection, description, classification, correlation, investigation, and interpretation, of all field soil data.  Additional responsibilities include preparing soil series descriptions, compiling soil maps, and collecting soil performance data.

Farmers and landowners needing assistance from the Plymouth NRCS Field Office should continue to contact District Conservationist Troy Manges at (574) 936-2024 or the Marshall County Soil and Water Conservation District office.  For more information about the importance of soils or the Soil Survey Program go to



Jane Hardisty, NRCS State Conservationist, 317-295-5801

Becky Fletcher, State Public Affairs Officer, 317-295-5825

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