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MRBI Middle Eel Project Propels Students into Action

Professor Jerry Sweeten of Manchester College has been interested in water quality in the Middle Eel watershed for a long time, and he is now getting assistance through the NRCS Mississippi River Basin Initiative (MRBI).  NRCS is helping to fund collaboration between government, academia, and the agriculture community to further his work and evaluate targeted conservation efforts.  Sweeten and his Manchester College students are using automatic water samplers and biological monitoring to better understand nutrient loading and biological systems in all the major tributaries in the Middle Eel watershed.

A partnership has been established between Manchester College, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and NRCS. This partnership is funding conservation practices in the watershed; such as no-till, cover crops, and high level nutrient and pest management. 
students monitor the biology in Middle Eel watershed

Pictured at right: Manchester College students monitor the biology in the Middle Eel watershed.

Written by Pam Davidson, Public Affairs Specialist, NRCS IN
and Jill Reinhart, Assistant State Conservationist - Special Projects, NRCS IN