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Wetland Science

Wetland Marsh ImageIt is the policy of the Natural Resources Conservation Service to use the biological sciences (a) to develop and improve soil and water conservation measures that help  maintain fish and wildlife as integral components of all ecosystems such as forest, range, cropland, and aquatic ecosystems; (b) to protect the habitat of threatened and endangered species of plants and animals; (c) to safeguard unique ecosystems; (d) to develop and maintain an esthetically pleasing, high quality environment. 

The information provided below is to assist NRCS, partners and clients with documents that are used for wetland determinations and compliance issues.

Wetland Determinations Aid - 7 and 15 Day Flood Data/Profiles

Tabular data and stream profiles that are provided for flooding where durations are sustained for periods of 7 and 15 consecutive days, at least once every two years (50% chance), during the growing season.  Information should be used within a stream floodplain or riverine area in considering the potential for flooding to enhance or impact hydric soils and/or tree plantings in connection with programs falling within the USDA-NRCS Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) and Wetlands Reserve Enhancement Program (WREP).  Please note that some of these files are large and may require additional time to load.


Wetland Mapping Conventions

Wetland Mapping Conventions (PDF, 10.3 MB)

Wetland Mitigation

Biology Technical Notes Related to Wetlands

Food Security Act of 1985, as amended Wetlands

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