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Earth Team Volunteer Program

NRCS Earth Team Volunteer Program in Illinois
Volunteers Improve Today for Tomorrow - National Earth Team Volunteer Week April 10-16, 2016

NRCS is proud of the dedicated Earth Team volunteers and staff who have committed their time and talents to conserving and protecting our natural resources.

About the Earth Team:


It shall be the mission of the Earth Team to provide an effective volunteer workforce within the Natural Resources Conservation Service to help people conserve, improve, and sustain the Earth's resources and its environment.

Why be a Volunteer?

People volunteer with the Earth Team for a lot of reasons, but all Earth Team Volunteers have one thing in common: they want to help protect the natural resources in their communities. Other reasons people volunteer include:

  • to enjoy working outdoors
  • to help others
  • to learn a new skill
  • to pursue an interest in natural resources
  • to gain work experience
  • to complete a school project
  • to meet high school community service requirements
  • to enhance college applications and scholarship applications with volunteer service

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone who is 14 years of age or older can volunteer their services to the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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What Kind of Jobs Volunteers Do?

  • Conservation Education
  • Natural Resource Inventories
  • Water Monitoring
  • Computer Assistance
  • Surveying
  • Clerical Assistance
  • Administrative
  • Soil Science

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Publications and Success Stories:

Earth Team Volunteers Dive “All In”! Earth Team Volunteers Dive “All In”!
The best Earth Team volunteers are the ones who arrive with interest and enthusiasm and who jump into the task full force. That precisely describes Julian Zuluaga.  Read more...
IL Earth Team Planting Seeds Success Story Mini Banner Planting Seeds in Mercer County
Mercer County, Illinois, “Thank You!” For making a difference by creating a special “ACE Camp” event. Read more...
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Meet Illinois Volunteers:

IL Earth Team Volunteer Hannah Pannell Meet IL Earth Team Volunteer - Hannah Pannell
High school senior Hannah Pannell offers her helping hand. Hannah has been volunteering and helping the Whiteside County Team on a regular basis since August 2015, her entire senior year.  read more...
IL Earth Team Volunteer Katelynn Clement Meet IL Earth Team Volunteer - Katelynn Clement
Katelynn was instrumental in efforts of both the NRCS and local Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) in Normal, IL to target conservation practices in the City of Bloomington’s water supply lakes. read more...
Meet Illinois Earth Team Volunteer Jaylynn Maxey Meet IL Earth Team Volunteer - Jaylynn Maxey
University of Illinois Crop Sciences junior Jaylynn Maxey, digitizes and scans documents and imaging for technical soil services and compliance. read more...
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Want to Be An Earth Team Volunteer?

IL NRCS State Earth Team Volunteer Coordinator Jean McConkey or call 217.353.6635.

Use our Service Center map to locate and contact NRCS staff in your county to learn about local volunteer opportunities.

Illinois Earth Team Contacts:

Name Phone/Email
Jean McConkey, State Volunteer Coordinator
State Office & MLRA Office Coordinator
Phone: 217.353.6635
Amy Kuhel, Area 1 Volunteer Coordinator
View and contact county offices in Area 1
Phone: 309.764.1486 x115
Lesley Grayson, Area 2 Volunteer Coordinator
View and contact county offices in Area 2
Phone: 217.241.6635 x125
Karla Higginbotham, Area 3 Volunteer Coordinator
View and contact county offices in Area 3
Phone: 217.345.3901 x102
Katie Smith, Area 4 Volunteer Coordinator
View and contact county offices in Area 4
Phone: 618.993.5396 x115

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Earth Team Forms:

The following document requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

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For more Earth Team Information:

Still need to know more? call 1-888-LANDCARE.  Let a friend know!  

Contact the National Earth Team Office
Michele Brown, National Volunteer Coordinator, (888) 526.3227 ext. 102

National Earth Team Volunteer Website

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