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Engineering Drawings Complete List

Illinois NRCS Engineering Drawings

NOTICE—The following standard drawings have been developed to assist in the design of typical NRCS engineering practices in Illinois. Before using any of the standard drawings or details, the designer should verify that the standard applies to the site and that the design limitations are not exceeded. Standard drawings are to be adapted as part of site specific designs that shall be reviewed and approved by qualified individual with appropriate approval authority.

The files listed below are available in following formats:
1. DWG - AutoCAD
drawing.  To save a dwg file, point at the underlined hyperlink, then SHIFT + LEFT CLICK
2. DXF - Drawing Exchange Format generic CAD drawing. 
3. PDF - Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing only (no editing).
4. XLSB - Excel file

Date IL-ENG-#
Illinois NRCS Engineering Drawing Title AutoCAD
8/14 Orifice Plate Design & Tile Design Based on Orifice Discharge 1.dwg 1.dxf 1.pdf  
8/14 Hydrologic Computation Sheet 2.dwg 2.dxf 2.pdf  
 8/14 Control Register of Engineering Jobs 4.dwg 4.dxf 4.pdf  
8/14 Hydraulic Calculations for Open Ditch 5.dwg 5.dxf 5.pdf  
4/12 Cover Sheet 6.dwg 6.dxf 6.pdf  
8/14 Earthfill Computations Using Center Height Method 7.dwg 7.dxf 7.pdf  
8/14 Channel Coefficient of Roughness (formerly ILL-8, 8/65) 8.dwg 8.dxf 8.pdf  
8/14 Terrace Construction Check 9.dwg 9.dxf 9.pdf  
8/14 Estimating Sediment Accumulation in Reservoirs 10.dwg 10.dxf 10.pdf  
8/14 Data Sheet for Dams 11.dwg 11.dxf 11.pdf  
8/14 In Place Moisture Density Determination Calibrated Cylinder Method 13.dwg 13.dxf 13.pdf  
8/14 Moisture Density Determination - Rubber Balloon Method 14.dwg 14.dxf 14.pdf  
8/14 Request for Engineering Assistance 15.dwg 15.dxf 15.pdf  
8/14 Survey Information Needed for Culverts Design 17.dwg 17.dxf 17.pdf  
8/14 Record of Instrument Cleaning, Checks and Adjustments 18.dwg 18.dxf 18.pdf  
1/13 Manure Storage Agitator Criteria Not Available Not Available 20.pdf  
1/13 Manure/Wastewater Pump Criteria Not Available Not Available 21.pdf  
5/14 Farmstead Energy Improvement (374) Implementation Record Not Available Not Available 23.pdf  
4/12 Combustion System Improvements (372) Engine Replacement Implementation Plan Not Available Not Available 24.pdf  
4/12 Amendments for Treatment of Agricultural Waste (591) Implementation plan Not Available Not Available 25.pdf  
8/14 Roofs and Covers (367) Floating Modular Cover Implementation Plan Not Available Not Available 26.pdf  
9/14 Parabolic Waterway Plan 27P.dwg 27P.dxf 27P.pdf  
9/14 Trapezoidal Waterway plan 27T.dwg 27T.dxf 27T.pdf  
10/14 Parabolic Diversion Plan 28P.dwg 28P.dxf 28P.pdf  
10/14 Trapezoidal Diversion Plan 28T.dwg 28T.dxf 28T.pdf  
4/14 Terrace Data Sheet 30.dwg 30.dxf 30.pdf  
4/14 Rock Lined Waterway 31.dwg 31.dxf 31.pdf  
4/14 Log of Test Hole 34.dwg 34.dxf 34.pdf  
4/14 Seeding Documentation Sheet 36.dwg 36.dxf 36.pdf  
4/14 Landscape Planting Documentation Sheet 37.dwg 37.dxf 37.pdf  
4/14 Mulching Documentation Sheet 38.dwg 38.dxf 38.pdf  
7/12 Terrace Basin Plan 39.dwg 39.dxf 39.pdf  
4/13 Tile Drain Plan 40.dwg 40.dxf 40.pdf  
9/15 Wascob - Type Grade Stabilization Structure 41.dwg 41.dxf 41.pdf  
2/16 Plan for Earth Dam with Hood Inlet Principal Spillway (2 Pages) 42.dwg 42.dxf 42.pdf  
2/16 Plan for Earth Dam with Drop Inlet Principal Spillway (2 Pages) 43.dwg 43.dxf 43.pdf  
4/14 Pipe Outlet to Flat Area 44.dwg 44.dxf 44.pdf  
4/14 Pipe Outlet to Channel 45.dwg 45.dxf 45.pdf  
8/14 Gabions Assembly and Lacing Details 46.dwg 46.dxf 46.pdf  
4/14 Bridge Scour Protection 47.dwg 47.dxf 47.pdf  
4/14 Sediment Basin Dewatering Device 48.dwg 48.dxf 48.pdf  
1/13 Silt Fence 49.dwg 49.dxf 49.pdf  
4/14 Silt Fence with Wire Support 50.dwg 50.dxf 50.pdf  
4/14 Straw Bale Barrier Sediment Control 51.dwg 51.dxf 51.pdf  
10/13 Structural Streambank Stabilization Gabions 2 Baskets High w/o Mat 52.dwg 52.dxf 52.pdf  
10/13 Structural Streambank Stabilization Gabions 2 Baskets High with Mat 53.dwg 53.dxf 53.pdf  
10/13 Structural Streambank Stabilization Gabions 3 Baskets High w/o Mat 54.dwg 54.dxf 54.pdf  
10/13 Structural Streambank Stabilization Gabions 3 Baskets High with Mat 55.dwg 55.dxf 55.pdf  
10/13 Structural Streambank Stabilization Gabions 1 Basket High with Slope Mat 56.dwg 56.dxf 56.pdf  
4/14 Temporary Vegetated Swale Plan 57.dwg 57.dxf 57.pdf  
10/13 Construction Road Stabilization 58.dwg 58.dxf 58.pdf  
4/14 Culvert Inlet Protection Silt Fence 59.dwg 59.dxf 59.pdf  
4/14 Culvert Inlet Protection Stone 60.dwg 60.dxf 60.pdf  
9/15 Erosion Control Blanket Installation Details 61.dwg 61.dxf 61.pdf  
10/13 Level Spreader 62.dwg 62.dxf 62.pdf  
5/14 Sand Settling Basin with Interior Walls (4 Pages) 68.dwg 68.dxf 68.pdf  
5/14 Sand Settling Basin without Interior Walls (4 Pages) 69.dwg 69.dxf 69.pdf  
8/13 Post & Cable Fence for Installation in Conc. Walls (2 Pages) 70.dwg 70.dxf 70.pdf  
8/13 5 Foot Chain Link fence (2 Pages) 71.dwg 71.dxf 71.pdf  
4/16 Conical Trash Rack and Baffle for 48" Diameter Riser 72.dwg 72.dxf 72.pdf  
4/16 Conical Trash Rack and Baffle for 54" Diameter Riser 73.dwg 73.dxf 73.pdf  
4/16 Conical Trash Rack and Baffle for 60" Diameter Riser 74.dwg 74.dxf 74.pdf  

Conical Trash Rack and Baffle for 72" Diameter Riser

75.dwg 75.dxf 75.pdf  
4/16 Conical Trash Rack Detail for 6" to 24" Dia. Pipe (2 Pages) 76.dwg 76.dxf 76.pdf  
10/13 Trickle Flow Collector 77.dwg 77.dxf 77.pdf  
4/14 Std.  Details for Dowel Bar-Waterstop & Shear Plate Joints 78.dwg 78.dxf 78.pdf  
8/13 Standard Concrete Curb Details (2 pages) 79.dwg 79.dxf 79.pdf  
10/13 Rock Crossing for Waterway 80.dwg 80.dxf 80.pdf  
10/13 Access Road Detail 81.dwg 81.dxf 81.pdf  
8/13 45 Degree Dry Fire Hydrant Details & Design Sheet (2 Pages) 82.dwg 82.dxf 82.pdf  
8/13 Dry Fire Hydrant Details & Design Sheet (2 Pages) 83.dwg 83.dxf 83.pdf  
8/13 90 Degree Dry Fire Hydrant Details & Design Sheet (2 Pages) 84.dwg 84.dxf 84.pdf  
8/14 Tile Outlet Detail 85.dwg 85.dxf 85.pdf  
4/15 Infiltration Trench 93.dwg 93.dxf 93.pdf  
9/16 Circular Concrete Manure Tank (4 Pages) 94.dwg 94.dxf 94.pdf  
1/13 Staff Gauge For Liquid Waste Impoundment 107.dwg 107.dxf 107.pdf  
1/13 Staff Gauge for Liquid Waste Impoundment 108.dwg 108.dxf 108.pdf  
9/13 Water Well (2 Pages) 109.dwg 109.dxf 109.pdf  
5/14 Animal Waste - Settling Basin Details with Vertical Sidewalls (5 Pages) 112.dwg 112.dxf 112.pdf  

Animal Waste - Settling Basin Details with Vertical Sidewalls (6 Pages)

113.dwg 113.dxf


5/14 Animal Waste - Settling Basin Details with Sloping Sidewalls (6 Pages 114.dwg 114.dxf 114.pdf  
5/14 Animal Waste - Settling Basin with Sloping Sidewalls (6 Pages) 115.dwg 115.dxf 115.pdf  
4/16 Details of CMP Vertical Drop Inlet with Horizontal Anti-Vortex Baffle (2 Pages) 116.dwg 116.dxf 116.pdf  
7/16 Fabricated Corrugated Aluminum Toewall Drop Spillway (3  Pages) 117.dwg 117.dxf 117.pdf  
9/13 AS BUILT - Data Sheet, (2 Pages) 119.dwg 119.dxf 119.pdf  
9/14 Drain Details for CMP using 8", 10", and 12" Valves 121.dwg 121.dxf 121.pdf  
4/15 Concrete Block-Lined Chute (2 Pages) 122.dwg 122.dxf 122.pdf  
7/16 Fabricated Corrugated Aluminum Double Wingwall Toewall Drop Spillway (4 Pages) 123.dwg 123.dxf 123.pdf  
6/10 Roof Gutters And Downspout Details 124.dwg 124.dxf 124.pdf  
7/13 Concrete Thrust Block Details For Pipe Lines 125.dwg 125.dxf 125.pdf  
1/11 Corrugated Metal Pipe Support 126.dwg 126.dxf 126.pdf  
5/14 Synthetic Turf Reinforcement Vegetated Mat Chute (2 Pages) 127.dwg 127.dxf 127.pdf  
9/13 Vegetated Treatment area And Distribution Manifold (2 Pages) 128.dwg 128.dxf 128.pdf  
7/13 In-Line Water Control Structure 2 Compartments 130.dwg 130.dxf 130.pdf  
9/16 Denitrifying Bioreactor Type 1 - Single Structure Without DWM (2 pages) 131.dwg 131.dxf 131.pdf  
9/16 Denitrifying Bioreactor Type 2 - Double Structure Without DWM (2 Pages) 132.dwg 132.dxf 132.pdf  
9/16 Denitrifying Bioreactor Type 3 - Single Structure With DWM (2 Pages) 133.dwg 133.dxf 133.pdf  
9/16 Denitrifying Bioreactor Type 4 - Double Structure With DWM (2 Pages) 134.dwg 134.dxf 134.pdf  
9/16 Saturated Buffer 135.dwg 135.dxf 135.pdf  
9/16 Saturated Buffer w/DWM 136.dwg 136.dxf 136.pdf  
11/13 Inlet For Underground Outlet Type I With Holes 140.dwg 140.dxf 140.pdf  
11/13 Inlet For Underground Outlet Type II 141.dwg 141.dxf 141.pdf  
5/14 Inlet For Underground Outlet Type I With Slots 142.dwg 142.dxf 142.pdf  
7/16 Concrete Compost Bin With Pole Barn Roof-Double Row (6 Pages) 149.dwg 149.dxf 149.pdf  
10/13 Field Tile Repair 150.dwg 150.dxf 150.pdf  
9/13 Stream Bank Stabilization Bendway Weir (2 Pages) 151.dwg 151.dxf 151.pdf  
9/11 Streambank Stabilization Stone Toe Protection 152.dwg 152.dxf 152.pdf  
10/14 Spring or Seep Development Livestock Watering Tank 155.dwg 155.dxf 155.pdf  
7/16 Plan for Wetland Berm (2 Pages) 156.dwg 156.dxf 156.pdf  
4/14 Culvert Outlet To Scour basin 157.dwg 157.dxf 157.pdf  
9/13 Closure Of Waste Impoundment Structure
(2 Pages)
158.dwg 158.dxf 158.pdf  
9/13 Manure Storage Unit Wood Post and Plank Wall Construction Spec. Sheet (3 Pages) 159.dwg 159.dxf 159.pdf  
6/16 Waterway Checkout - Data Sheet 160.dwg 160.dxf 160.pdf  
7/16 Concrete Compost Bin (3 Pages) 161.dwg 161.dxf 161.pdf  
10/13 Rock Riprap Stream Bank Protection Detail 162.dwg 162.dxf 162.pdf  
7/16 Concrete Compost Bin With Wall Mounted Roof (5 Pages) 163.dwg 163.dxf 163.pdf  
9/13 Water Level Control Structure (2 Pages) 164.dwg 164.dxf 164.pdf  
10/13 Stream Bank Stabilization Rock Riffle Details (2 Pages) 165.dwg 165.dxf 165.pdf  
9/14 5'x 5' R/C Box Inlet For 24' Diameter CM Pipe 166.dwg 166.dxf 166.pdf  


Stream Bank Stabilization Stream Barb (2 Pages) 167.dwg 167.dxf 167.pdf  
10/01 Treated Wood Hog Compost Bin (4 Pages) 169.dwg 169.dxf 169.pdf  
7/16 Concrete Compost Bin With Pole Barn Roof-Single Row
(6 Pages)
170.dwg 170.dxf 170.pdf  
10/13 Timber Support - Propped Outlet for 8-inch through 24-inch Pipe Diameter Metal Pipe (2 Pages) 174.dwg 174.dxf 174.pdf  


Pond Dewatering System (2 Pages) 175.dwg 175.dxf 175.pdf  
10/13 Sheet Pile Toewall Drop Spillway (5 Pages) 176.dwg 176.dxf 176.pdf  
4/16 Corrugated Metal Pipe Vertical Inlet With Anti-Vortex Baffle (2 Pages) 177.dwg 177.dxf 177.pdf  
4/16 Metal Trash Rack for Vertical Inlet with Baffle (2 Pages) 178.dwg 178.dxf 178.pdf  
11/13 Timber Support Propped Outlet 30" Through 48" Dia Metal Pipe (2 Pages) 180.dwg 180.dxf 180.pdf  
6/14 Rock Riprap Chute (2 Pages) 184.dwg 184.dxf 184.pdf  
4/16 Flanged Metal Pipe and Anti-Seep Collar Detail 185.dwg 185.dxf 185.pdf  
6/14 Tile Stub Detail For Pipe Drop Inlet 186.dwg 186.dwg 186.pdf  
11/13 2'x2'x4' Modular Concrete Block Grade Stabilization Structure - 4' Overfall (2 Pages) 188.dwg 188.dxf 188.pdf  
3/06 Under Channel Pipeline Protection Details & Design Sheet 189.dwg 189.dxf 189.pdf  
6/16 Livestock Winter Feeding Station With Walls In Feeding Area 190.dwg 190.dxf 190.pdf WFS v1.3
4/14 CMP Water Control Structure 191.dwg 191.dxf 191.pdf  

Relief Well (Replaces IL-ENG-211A)

200.dwg 200.dxf 200.pdf  
11/13 Relief Well With Riprap Protection (Replaces IL-ENG-211B) 201.dwg 201.dxf 201.pdf  

Riser Type Relief Well (Replaces IL-ENG-211C)

202.dwg 202.dxf 202.pdf  
9/14 Fabric Checks For Waterway 205.dwg 205.dxf 205.pdf  
9/14 Rock Checked Waterway Outlet 206.dwg 206.dxf 206.pdf  
9/14 Rock Checks for Waterway 207.dwg 207.dxf 207.pdf  
9/14 Irrigation Check Valve 208.dwg 208.dxf 208.pdf  
6/16 Sinkhole Treatment 209.dwg 209.dxf 209.pdf  
11/13 Vertical Drain for Sinkholes 210.dwg 210.dxf 210.pdf  
6/15 Decommissioning Abandoned Water Well (2 Pages) 212.dwg 212.dxf 212.pdf  
11/13 Appurtenances For Corrugated Metal Pipe Structures (2 Pages) (Replaces IL-ENG-200A) 213.dwg 213.dxf 213.pdf  
11/13 Rubber membrane Antiseep Collar - 1" to 16" Diameter Smooth Wall Pipe  (Replaces IL-ENG-201A) 214.dwg 214.dxf 214.pdf  
11/13 Polyethylene Sheet Antiseep Collar - 4" To 24" Diameter Pipe (Replaces IL-ENG-201B) 215.dwg 215.dxf 215.pdf  
11/13 Hood Inlet For 6" To 30" Corrugated Metal Pipe (Replaces IL-ENG-202A) 216.dwg 216.dxf 216.pdf  
11/13 Canopy Inlet For 6" To 24" Coorgated Metla Pipe  (replaces IL-ENG-202B) 217.dwg 217.dxf 217.pdf  
2/14 PVC Canopy Inlet (Replaces IL-ENG-203) 218.dwg 218.dxf 218.pdf  
11/13 Culvert Flared End Section For 12" To 60" Corrugated Metal Pipe (Replaces IL-ENG-204) 219.dwg 219.dxf 219.pdf  
6/16 Livestock Winter Feeding Station with Roll Curb Feeding Area 220.dwg 220.dxf 220.pdf WFS v1.3
9/16 Manure Storage Facility 4' High R/C Wall North Zone
(4 Pages)
232.dwg 232.dxf 232.pdf  
9/16 Manure Storage Facility 4' High R/C Wall South Zone
(4 Pages)
233.dwg 233.dxf 233.pdf  
9/16 Manure Storage Facility 6' High R/C Wall South Zone
(4 Pages)
234.dwg 234.dxf 234.pdf  
9/16 Manure Storage Facility 6' High R/C Wall North Zone
(4 Pages)
235.dwg 235.dxf 235.pdf  
9/16 Manure Storage Facility 8' High R/C Wall South Zone
(4 Pages)
236.dwg 236.dxf 236.pdf  
9/16 Manure Storage Facility 8' High R/C Wall Middle Zone
(4 Pages)
237.dwg 237.dxf 237.pdf  
9/16 Manure Storage Facility 8' High R/C Wall North Zone
(4 Pages)
238.dwg 238.dxf 238.pdf  
4/14 Joining Methods Hi-Tensile Wire 800.dwg 800.dxf 800.pdf  
4/14 Deer Management Fence 801.dwg 801.dxf 801.pdf  
4/14 Setting Fence Line Post on Uneven Terrain 802.dwg 802.dxf 802.pdf  
7/12  Pull Assembly Single-H 810.dwg 810.dxf 810.pdf  
7/12 Pull Assembly-Diagonal with Deadman 811.dwg 811.dxf 811.pdf  
7/12 Corner Angle Brace Assembly-Diagonal Kiwi 820.dwg 820.dxf 820.pdf  
7/12 Corner Brace Assembly Single H with Deadman 821.dwg 821.dxf 821.pdf  
7/12 Corner Brace Assembly Double H 822.dwg 822.dxf 822.pdf  
7/12 Change of Direction Of Bracing For Fence Changes Of 20 To 60 Degrees 823.dwg 823.dxf 823.pdf  
7/12 End Brace Assembly-Diagonal Kiwi 830.dwg 830.dxf 830.pdf  
4/14 End Brace Assembly-Diagonal (Steel) 831.dwg 831.dxf 831.pdf  
7/12 End Brace Assembly-Double H 832.dwg 832.dxf 832.pdf  
7/12 End Brace Assembly-Deer Management Fence 833.dwg 833.dxf 833.pdf  
4/14 End Brace Assembly 3-Post Diagonal (Steel) 834.dwg 834.dxf 834.pdf  
7/12 End Brace Assembly Single-H With Deadman 835.dwg 835.dxf 835.pdf  
4/14 Water Gap Options 840.dwg 840.dxf 840.pdf  
4/14 Breakway Fence Across Depression 841.dwg 841.dxf 841.pdf  
4/14 Flood Gate-Electric 842.dwg 842.dxf 842.pdf  
4/14 Flood Gate-PVC 843.dwg 843.dxf 843.pdf  
4/14 Swinging Barrel Water Gate 844.dwg 844.dxf 844.pdf  
4/14 Electric Fence Lightning Protection 850.dwg 850.dxf 850.pdf  
4/14 Energizer To Electric Fence Connection & Grounding (Wire Return System) 851.dwg 851.dxf 851.pdf  
4/14 Energizer To Electric Fence Connection & Grounding (Earth Return System) 852.dwg 852.dxf 852.pdf  
4/14 Electrical Connection Through Fence Opening 853.dwg 853.dxf 853.pdf  
7/12 Watering Ramp Fencing-Cattle Panels 860.dwg 860.dxf 860.pdf  
7/12 Watering Ramp Fencing-Wire 861.dwg 861.dxf 861.pdf  
4/14 Streambank Watering Ramp 862.dwg 862.dxf 862.pdf  
4/14 Pond Watering Ramp 863.dwg 863.dxf 863.pdf  
6/16 Stream Crossing For Livestock 864.dwg 864.dxf 864.pdf  
7/16 Gravel Heavy Use Area Protection 870.dwg 870.dxf 870.pdf HUA v1.1
7/16 Concrete Heavy Use Area Protection 871.dwg 871.dxf 871.pdf


11/15 Gravel Heavy Use Area Tank Pad 872.dwg 872.dxf 872.pdf HUA v1.1
11/15 Concrete/Gravel Heavy Use Area Tank Pad 873.dwg 873.dxf 873.pdf HUA v1.1
4/14 Livestock Trail 874.dwg 874.dxf 874.pdf  
6/16 Insulated Energy Free Automatic Stock Waterers 875.dwg 875.dxf 875.pdf  
9/15 Rubber Tire Stockwater Tank 876.dwg 876.dxf 876.pdf  
1/15 Stockwater Tank Hydrant Details 877.dwg 877.dxf 877.pdf  
4/12 Quick Coupler Installation Detail 878.dwg 878.dxf 878.pdf  
1/15 Watering Facility Wildlife Escape Ramp 879.dwg 879.dxf 879.pdf  
4/14 Livestock Watering Facility Pond Sump 880.dwg 880.dxf 880.pdf  
9/15 Guard Post For Riser In Pasture 881.dwg 881.dxf 881.pdf  

Last Modified August 18, 2016
By Ruth Book, USDA-NRCS