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Illinois Native Plant Guide - Fox Sedge - Pages 60-61

Illinois Native Plant Guide

Fox Sedge (Brown Fox Sedge)
Carex vulpinoidea

Preferred Water Depth and Inundation Tolerance

Prefers water depth of 6 inches or less. Species does not tolerate extended inundation but does tolerate some fluctuation. Tolerates standing water in the spring and early summer.

Wildlife Value

Provides food for sora and yellow rails, swamp and tree sparrow, snipe and other songbirds.


Used in upper shoreline zones, for streambank stabilization, and in vegetated swales.

Availability, Establishment, and Maintenance

  • Seeds, rootstock, and whole plants are available.
  • Readily established by seed. Seeds can be stratified by either late fall planting for overwintering or cold, dry storage.
  • Seed should remain close to the soil surface because they need light for germination.
  • Transplants or small clumps should be planted from early spring to June 15.
  • Transplants should be planted on 0.5-1.5 foot centers because of slow rate of spread.

Fox Sedge (Brown Fox Sedge)
Carex vulpinoidea

Mature Height
1-3 feetFox Sedge (Brown Fox Sedge)

Plant Type
Perennial sedge

Indicator Status

Not available

Nutrient Load Tolerance
Moderate to high

Salt Tolerance
Low to moderate

Siltation Tolerance

Flowering Color and Time
Green, Brown
May to July

Light Preference
Partial to full sun

Seeding Rate
.06 - .5 lbs/acre

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