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Direct Seeding Handbook

This online handbook is broken down by chapters. As you click on each chapter, you will see what information is addressed in that particular chapter. You will also be able to download each chapter to build your handbook.

If you would like more information on Direct Seeding in Illinois, contact:
Wade Conn USDA-NRCS Agroforester, Champaign, Illinois

This is available in Adobe Acrobat format. Illinois NRCS Employee Directory - April 2013 [PDF, 2MB]

The majority of this online handbook is in PDF format, therefore you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0  or higher to access and download files. Some information is linked directly to other websites.
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Illinois Direct Seeding Handbook





(Files are listed in order of appearance in handbook)

Table of Contents and Acknowledgements
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Direct Seeding
Chapter 2 - Overview of Direct Seeding
Chapter 3 - Species Lists and Species Reference Sheets
Chapter 4 - Organizing for Local Collection
Chapter 5 - Collecting the Seeds
Chapter 6 - Handling, Storage, and Distribution
Chapter 7 - Illinois Standards and Specifications for Direct Seeding
Chapter 8 - Plantation Establishment
Chapter 9 - Direct Seeding Web Site an Database