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Eng. Drawings Category - Temporary Erosion Control

Illinois NRCS Engineering Standard Drawings

Temporary Erosion Control

NOTICE—The following standard drawings have been developed to assist in the design of typical NRCS engineering practices in Illinois. Before using any of the standard drawings or details, the designer should verify that the standard applies to the site and that the design limitations are not exceeded. Standard drawings are to be adapted as part of site specific designs that shall be reviewed and approved by qualified individual with appropriate approval authority.

The files listed below are available in following formats:

1. DWG - AutoCAD
drawing.  To save a dwg file, point at the underlined hyperlink, then SHIFT + LEFT CLICK
2. DXF - Drawing Exchange Format generic CAD drawing. 
3. PDF - Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing only (no editing).

Date IL-ENG-#
Illinois NRCS Engineering Drawing Title AutoCAD
1/13 Silt Fence 49.dwg 49.dxf 49.pdf
4/14 Silt Fence with Wire Support 50.dwg 50.dxf 50.pdf
4/14 Straw Bale Barrier Sediment Control 51.dwg 51.dxf 51.pdf
4/14 Temporary Vegetated Swale Plan 57.dwg 57.dxf 57.pdf
10/13 Construction Road Stabilization 58.dwg 58.dxf 58.pdf
4/14 Culvert Inlet Protection Silt Fence 59.dwg 59.dxf 59.pdf
4/14 Culvert Inlet Protection Stone 60.dwg 60.dxf 60.pdf
9/15 Erosion Control Blanket Installation Details 61.dwg 61.dxf 61.pdf
10/13 Level Spreader 62.dwg 62.dxf 62.pdf