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Illinois NRCS Engineering Standard Drawings - Engineering Forms

Illinois NRCS Engineering Standard Drawings

Engineering Forms

NOTICE—The following standard drawings have been developed to assist in the design of typical NRCS engineering practices in Illinois. Before using any of the standard drawings or details, the designer should verify that the standard applies to the site and that the design limitations are not exceeded. Standard drawings are to be adapted as part of site specific designs that shall be reviewed and approved by qualified individual with appropriate approval authority.

The files listed below are available in following formats:
1. DWG - AutoCAD
drawing.  To save a dwg file, point at the underlined hyperlink, then SHIFT + LEFT CLICK
2. DXF - Drawing Exchange Format generic CAD drawing. 
3. PDF - Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing only (no editing).

Date IL-ENG-#
Illinois NRCS Engineering Drawing Title AutoCAD
8/14 Orifice Plate Design & Tile Design Based on Orifice Discharge 1.dwg 1.dxf 1.pdf
8/14 Hydraulic Computation Sheet 2.dwg 2.dxf 2.pdf
 8/14 Control Register of Engineering Jobs 4.dwg 4.dxf 4.pdf
8/14 Hydraulic Calculations for Open Ditch 5.dwg 5.dxf 5.pdf
4/12 Cover Sheet 6.dwg 6.dxf 6.pdf
8/14 Earthfill Computations Using Center Height Method 7.dwg 7.dxf 7.pdf
8/14 Channel Coefficient of Roughness (formerly ILL-8, 8/65) 8.dwg 8.dxf 8.pdf
8/14 Estimating Sediment Accumulation in Reservoirs 10.dwg 10.dxf 10.pdf
8/14 In Place Moisture Density Determination Calibrated Cylinder Method 13.dwg 13.dxf 13.pdf
8/14 Moisture Density Determination - Rubber Balloon Method 14.dwg 14.dxf 14.pdf
8/14 Request for Engineering Assistance 15.dwg 15.dxf 15.pdf
8/14 Survey Information Needed for Culverts Design Computations on Existing or Proposed Culverts 17.dwg 17.dxf 17.pdf
8/14 Record of Instrument Cleaning, Checks and Adjustments 18.dwg 18.dxf 18.pdf
4/14 Log of Test Hole 34.dwg 34.dxf 34.pdf
4/14 Seeding Documentation Sheet 36.dwg 36.dxf 36.pdf
4/14 Landscape Planting Documentation Sheet 37.dwg 37.dxf 37.pdf
4/14 Mulching Documentation Sheet 38.dwg 38.dxf 38.pdf
9/13 AS BUILT - Data Sheet (2 Pages) 119.dwg 119.dxf 119.pdf